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The Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn and Many Paths Proudly Presents the:

45th Annual Fall Gathering of the Tribes

The SouthEast Location August 16 -19

Photo: I See A Time Of Seven Generations When All The Colors Of Mankind Will Gather Under The Sacred Tree of Life And The Whole Earth Will Become One Circle Again.
-Crazy Horse






The Gathering will be held At: Cherokee Farms, 2035 Old Mineral Springs Rd., LaFayette, GA, 30728...For the story of Cherokee Farms go to http://www.amberlandfestival.com/cherokee-farms/  Directions are below.


Merry Meet!  We invite you to attend the 45th annual Gatherings of the Tribes. The Gathering provides us an opportunity to express our religious freedom of choice.   We celebrate and honor the Old Ways of Spirit and Nature. 

This will be Spiritual Retreat presented August 16th to 19th near LaFayette Georgia. Gatherings are community affairs which we hope will reach out to every Pagan, Heathen and Hopeful Spirit in these areas!! All Respectful Seekers Welcome!!

The Gathering of the Tribes which have been continuously held since the late 60s have provided Pagans of the various traditions a common ground to appreciate the similarities between other paths. The Gatherings provide us an opportunity to express our religious freedom of choice and celebrate the Cycles of Nature.  We share the passion of our beliefs and what is sacred in our life, with others.  Our Bardic and nightly Drum Circles provide a way to celebrate our coming together.  We sing, dance, drum, and feel the vibrations rising from the Earth with each beat of our hearts.     We celebrate and honor the Old Ways of Spirit and Nature. 

With the times being as hard as they are, folk are looking less and less at the brighter things in life, and concentrating on what isn’t in the wallet. We need this event, we need it to reconnect with ourselves and our Faith.

This is a grass roots effort. There are only a handful of us working to bring this about. We are hopeful to find our lost friends and brethren.
 If you are already a child of the Gods - you should not miss this Gathering.  If you are looking for your religious path, - you should come this Gathering.  If you have been away from the peace of the arms of the Goddess - you should come to this Gathering.

Come, help us achieve our goal, Community Gatherings welcome all Respectful Seekers!

Go to http://www.dynionmwyn.net/GATH2007/gathering.html  for photos of 2007 Gathering

Also go to http://www.dynionmwyn.net/GATH2006/gathering.html   for photos of the 2006 Gathering.

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The original and authentic Gathering of the Tribes held it's initial festival in the forests of Northwest Maryland in 1967.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HISTORY   Dynion Mwyn held the Gathering of the Tribes in Maryland from 1967 to 1970; in Georgia and South Carolina from 1971 to 209 and in Iowa 2010 and 2011. We are going to hold the 2012 South East Gathering in North West Georgia.

2012 will be the continuation of a new era of Pagan Festivals.  We want to invite you to take part in this wonderful experience.   Because of the cost of gasoline may place constraints on the distance you can travel this year we are holding the Fall Gathering of the Tribes in two locations: Northeast Georgia and near Waterloo Iowa.  We want to make our unique Gathering available to as many Pagans as possible.  Come join us...become part of the history of the Gathering of the Tribes.

Lord Rhuddlwm Gawr

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Sacred  Traveling Ashes

A note about the the origin  The oldest Traveling Ashes  came from a camp north of Eldora, Iowa  in 1912.  They have traveled all over the world since then.  They came back to Eldora in the early 90's and now continue to travel from ceremony to ceremony.

Bring ashes from a sacred fire from a festival you attended in the past or any appropriate item which you wish to add to the sacred fire at the opening ceremony.  We will explain what and why we are doing this at that time.  At the closing ceremony, all who wishes to take ashes and continue the tradition at other festivals, will come forward.  We will then extinguish the sacred fire to close the gathering.  You will be given ashes to take with you to the next Festival or Gathering.  This ritual binds pagans from many paths and generations.   

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The Tradition of the Purple Ribbon

In the ancient of Days during a joust or tournament, the knight would carry a scarf given to him by his lady as a symbol of his willingness to honor the laws of chivalry. The purple scarf was the symbol of a royal connection. At the first Gathering of the Tribes in in 1967 we began to honor the Dynion Mwyn Ten Points of Chivalry...signified by wearing a Purple Ribbon or scarf. We will do the same at this Gathering:

1.    Thou shalt follow the Rede of the Old Ones which is That which is done comes back to the doer three fold and "an if ye harm none do what ye will".
2.    Thou shalt be a defender of your religion.
3.    Thou shalt respect all those weaker than you and shalt constitute thyself their champion.
  Thou shalt love the country in the which thou wast born.
5.    Thou shalt not recoil before your enemy or the enemy of your religion.
6.    Thou shalt perform scrupulously thy pagan duties, if they be not contrary to the laws of the Goddess.
7.    Thou shalt never lie, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word.
8.    Thou shalt be generous, and give what you can to those who have nothing.
9.    Thou shalt everywhere and always be the champion of the Good against Injustice and Evil.
10.  Thou shalt wear a ribbon of purple to signify that when meeting at a tournament or festival, that there is a call for truce and no person at that tournament or festival shall speak ill of another by penalty of being ejected.
So Mote it be.

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The Gathering of the Tribes, Inc. founded by The Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn.  Dedicated to providing a sacred space where all pagans can come and worship. 

Many Paths Tradition lead by Jade Serphant, promotes freedom of, and tolerance for, all religions, but particularly paganism, through education, increased awareness, and activism. Their efforts are conducted within a framework that at all times honors Mother Earth and promotes harmony in the Universe.  

The Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn, Inc. is the Welsh tradition.  Their homepage is at: http://www.dynionmwyn.com


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Special Guests:


Lady Jade Serphant

Lady Jade Serphant has been studying and working the Wiccan path for over 23 years. She studied with the late Lord Serphant. Along with Lord Serphant, and others founded Serpentstone. Jade established Dragon Heather Coven and helped build Many Paths, who work to host several gatherings every year. She is also a Guardian of Avalon and is seated on The Board of Directors of The Keltic Orthodox Church and Land Trust of Avalon. Avalon Hosts the annual The Highlands of TN Samhain Gathering, every year near Gatlinburgh, TN.

Jade is also a managing partner in Seeking More Enterprises LLC of Tennessee. This company manages several subsidiaries, one of which is The Legacy Land Foundation that is seeking to acquire land, at this time, for a spiritual home place. Legacy will continue to provide a safe place for family gatherings and carry on the Traditions and teachings of Lord Serphant. Legacy will honor our past, be built by our present, and continue a sustainable legacy to pass on for our future.

As a mother, Jade noticed how our children were left out of many main Rituals or made to stand quietly and thoroughly bored throughout. With this and The Legacy in mind she began developing a series of magical crafts workshops and children’s rituals. Jade is currently working on a book on this subject, which she expects to have submitted within the next year.

Lady Jade is unapologetically a dedicate of Warrior Path spirituality and has spent many years promoting understanding and reconciliation among the many different Pagan paths. Jade lives the belief everyone could benefit from a little bit of Warrior Path training in their lifestyle and frequently hosts Warrior Path workshops for many years. She is currently High Priestess of Dragonheather Coven and lives and works in the Tri-State area.

Jade and Jaden will be doing…. The Fairy Beary Ritual is a deep dark mystery passed ONLY to children…..However for this time ONLY, The children of the community have agreed to perform the Fairy Beary ritual for their friends and family. We invite you to attend and let the Children of the community perform ritual for you.

Jade will also lead the Colors and Elements workshop……This will be a workshops for kids of ALL ages. The basics of the Elements will be explained as Crafts are created. Each "Kid" will leave this workshop with an elemental based Craft and a better understanding of just what live within the boundries of each "quarter" of the circle. This workshop is HIGHLY recommended for anyone wanting to participate in the Fairy Beary Ritual on Saturday.


wpeD.gif (361508 bytes)Lord Rhuddlwm Gawr - Dynion Mwyn - Welsh Tradition

Rhuddlwm Gawr is an author of twenty + books including The Quest, The Way, The Word, Celtic Crystal Magick Vol 1 & 2, and A Welsh Herbal, Rhuddlwm is devoting substantial time and effort to writing additional books as well as reprinting his existing titles.  He is schooled in ancient Welsh magickal practices, has lectured at conferences, is published in several journals, and teaches classes in several metaphysical subjects including Survival through 2012.

Rhuddlwm Gawr is knowledgeable of ancient Celtic mystery religions; including Welsh Traditions of Paganism, Witchcraft and Druidism.  He has a AA degree in Electronics from Capital Engineering Institute, Washington, DC; he has a BLA degree from the University of Georgia in Environmental Design with a minor in Ecology; and he has a DD (Doctor of Divinity) degree.

He is co-founder of the Universal Federation of Pagans; Director of the Association of Cymry Wiccae; was responsible for incorporating the first Witchcraft Church in Georgia (Church of Y  Tylwyth Teg, Inc.) in 1970s; was responsible for obtaining the first Group U.S. IRS exemption for a Witchcraft Organization (Association of Cymry Wicca) in 1976; held the first classes in Witchcraft in Georgia in 1970 SEE HISTORY; was responsible for a ruling by an administrative judge of the U.S. Post office giving Welsh Witchcraft a basis in law. See First Pagan Gathering of the Tribes in the United States in 1966-67 SEE ORIGIN.

He has a ninth level initiation from the Welsh pagan religion of Dynion Mwyn and is an elder of both Y Tylwyth Teg and Dynion Mwyn. Through living the teachings of the Ancient Celts he has accomplished many of his life goals and continually creates new ones.  He has presented workshops on Welsh Mysteries since 1966.

Lord Rhuddlwm will be holding workshops on: Creating a Non-Profit Religious Corporation and the Coven; Celtic Crystal Magick; Dragon Power and Polarity Therapy; The Dynion Mwyn Tradition; and Firewalking

Bill Manuel

Bill Manuel is a veteran of military service, having various assignments in Europe and the United States. In addition to his military service, Bill enjoyed an outdoors lifestyle and has explored the countryside on multiple continents. Bill is the kind of person, who would have been most at home being born two hundred years ago and set out on the frontier as a trapper, explorer or a mountain man.

He has had years of experience teaching and guiding others in the outdoors. When Scott and Bill were assigned together Bill was known to the men of the Company as Sergeant Gadgets for his innate ability to pull some type of equipment or item of gear out of nowhere that would accomplish a task much easier and with more efficiency than anything else anyone had. Bill is an expert on field equipment and the master of Every-Day Carry items.

Bill has accomplished many notable out of door accomplishments that include instructing backpacking, hiking and camping with the Boy Scouts and other notable hikes:

- The John Muir Trail (end to end)(211 miles)

- The Pacific Crest Trail

- Mount San Gorgonio (11,503’)

- Mount Whitney (14,497’ tallest peak in lower 48)

- Mount Whitney to Bad Water Basin Death Valley (-282’ from the highest to the lowest point in lower 48)

- Telescope Peak, Death Valley (11,049’ highest point in Death Valley)

Bill has also enjoyed taking extended camping hike to go trout fishing in the rivers, creeks, and streams of the Sierra Nevada, The Great Rocky Mountains, and Grand Teton Mountains of the western US and Canada.

Bill has always been happiest when far out in the outdoors, the further out the better. When possible, Bill can be found finding a way to get out into the woods. His areas of expertise are:

- Equipment and gear

- Every Day Carry

- Camping and campsite safety

- Field living

- Field expedient adaptations


Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton is a U. S. Army Officer, who retired on 01 January, 2012. He began his military service in 1983 when he enlisted as an Infantryman and reported for duty with the 82nd Airborne Division. He then left active duty service to attend Middle Tennessee State University and enrolled in the ROTC program while also serving with the Tennessee Army National Guard.

Upon graduation, Scott was awarded a Regular Army Commission and returned to active duty as an Armor and Cavalry Officer. After more than 28 years of military service he has had a variety of assignments and has deployed numerous times. He has served and worked in a variety of capacities in Grenada, Panama, The Republic of Korea, Germany, Hungary, Poland, The Kingdom of Jordan, The Balkans Theatre and the Republic of Iraq. He is a graduate of the XVIII Airborne Corps Recondo Course (Reconnaissance-Commando), The U. S. Army Airborne Course, The U.S. Army Ranger Course, The Jungle Operations Training Center and SERE training (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape). Scott also has a wide variety of specialty training courses in tactics, survival and emergency disaster preparedness and has certifications through the American Red Cross and FEMA. He is an avid outdoorsman and has practiced and lived an active lifestyle out of doors since his childhood in South-West Louisiana.

Scott is also Lord Scotti, Priest and Summoner of Dragon Heather Coven. He began studying the Craft in 1992 and began formal studies in 1993. As a professional soldier he is dedicated to teaching and living the tenants of the Warrior Path and the Laws of Nature.

(Bill and Scotti’s Bios go together… They will be doing……"How I stopped worrying and learned to enjoy the Zombie Apocalypse" Workshop. How to live in luxury when the world goes to Hell and the undead rise from their graves, and try to eat your brains. Presented by Scott Hamilton and Bill Manuel, they will cover survival skills, proper gear and how to acquire each.



Lady Hearthkeeper

Lady Hearthkeeper has spent most of her adult life studying and exploring a Pagan path and studied the Wiccan Path formally for 18 years. She studying and was inducted into the Craft by Lord Wil Serphant and has since been working all over the country in various positions and activities.

Her expertise and training workshops center on personal sacred space creation and personal power reclamation. She has developed a series of workshops and ritual that focus on a woman’s power to create and develop the sacred in the mundane around her home, her kitchen and her home as well as her own personal space.

Hearthkeeper has recently resettled back in her home in Tennessee following the retirement from the U. S. Army of her husband and is working on resettling. She is a member of Many Paths and participates with several other organizations to create and develop a greater community and network in the Southeast and beyond.

Hearthkeeper is working on developing a series of Kitchen Witch Workbooks that include recipes for tested and successful meals, various other magical and spiritual mixtures and medicines and gardening and natural remedies and practices one can conduct in and around their own personal space.

She will be doing the Woman’s Ritual The Selu Ritual helps women connect to the void that ALL women carry within themselves…….That special place from which creativity is born.

Jezibell Arnat

Jezibell is a bellydancer, writer, actress, and Wiccan High Priestess who moved to Augusta, GA from New York City in December, 2007. In Manhattan she studied with many well-known Middle Eastern dance teachers, including Serena, Elena, Anahid Sofian, Morocco, Gamila el-Masri, Dalia Carella and Jehan. She performs both traditional cabaret bellydance and interpretive fusion. She has performed at festivals, restaurants, parties and special events through the New York metro area. Her performance credits include Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, the Knitting Factory, Don Hill's, Wetlands, Downtime, Café Figaro, Manhattan Theatre Source, Centerfold Coffee House, Pyramid Club, the Delancey, Theatre for the New City, Taj Lounge and the New York Renaissance Faire. She has appeared in ensemble dances with the Egyptian/American Folkloric Group, the Serena Dance Theatre, Gamila el-Masri's Nileside Dancers, Nadia Moussa & Company, and a variety of performances with PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment).

She has performed Dances of the Goddess for Witches' Balls, Pagan Pride celebrations, and gatherings. She is especially interested in the theatrical dimensions of Middle Eastern dance. She wrote, directed, choreographed and performed in Inanna, Journey of Darkness and Light, a musical theatre production featuring bellydancing. She was a dancer and drummer in Ankhst in the NYC Fringe Festival, and danced and acted in Up In The Air at the Brooklyn Arts Council. She often combines dance with poetry, theatre and percussion for presentations including Tribute to Ancient Egypt and Cabaret Macabre. In Augusta she performs at haflas and cultural events throughout the CSRA, including Arts in the Heart, the Westobou Festival, the EastWind Renaissance Faire. She has performed Goddess dance at Gathering of the Tribes 2008, the Highlands of Tennessee Samhain Gathering at Avalon, and Augusta Pagan Pride.

A leader in the New York Pagan community, Jezibell and her partner Joseph Zuchowski founded the tradition of Thelemic Wicca, taught the Pagan Way Grove, and led Kyklos ton Asterion Coven and Siren's Sanctuary Open Women's Circle. In Augusta she facilitates monthly Pagan Vespers at the Unitarian Universalist Church and is the Co-Local Coordinator for Augusta Pagan Pride. She has written, directed, choreographed and performed in productions for Misfit Theatre Group and produces Quickies, the original ten-minute play festival at Le Chat Noir Theatre. Her poetry and articles have appeared in such diverse publications as Nomad's Choir, Our Pagan Times, The Beltane Papers, Circle Magazine and Bennu. In 2011 her "Invocation to Sekhmet" was published in Heart of the Sun: An Anthology in Exultation of Sekhmet published by Goddess Ink.


Lady Spider

Lady Spider has walked a shamanic/Wiccan path for more than 20 years and for the past 15 years, has led dozens of seekers to deeper self-knowledge through the Vision Quest, in sweat lodges and in a variety of other learning settings. Journey for a power animal for difficult times: We're all experiencing life challenges right now. A power animal can give you guidance protection and wisdom for navigate the waters of your life.

Spider will teach you a simple journey technique that will take you to the underworld realm of power animals. This is a technique you can repeat on your own for further communication with your power animal.The journey for a power animal is a shamanic technique that empowers participants to seek guidance from other realms, in this case, the shamanic underworld, and to access ancient wisdom and personal guidance for current life situations from animal archetypes. Once a seeker has experienced the shamanic journey, repeat journeys are possible without additional instruction. 


Merlyn Dery

Merlyn will be presenting A History of Lughnasadh from Prehistoric Times to today.  Some Background: She earned her Black Forest 3rd in '08, and started Dynion Mwyn shortly thereafter. She is Welsh/ English and Irish, and has been studying the Welsh (language), ancient Hx of religion, cultures, cosmologies, and more recently star cosmology seeking the old Celtic, and Druidic stories in the stars for fun.  She work with a local Michigan WiccaStudy Group and the Traverse City Area Wiccan Circle as well as studies with Dynion Mwyn.  She retired from obstetrical nursing last fall.

She will be discussing the European Earth Mother Goddess, Concept, Definition and Symbolism and then cover Old European Geography. The workshop will delve into Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Classical, and Hellinistic philosophy.  She will describe Greek/ Celtic/ Egyptian relationships, Time periods & migrations, Shared mythologies, Elusion/ Druidic and Differences.

It will explain where the Hebraic/ Abrahamic / Ikhnaton periods meet with the Sequani Calendar and when the Sequani Calendar was Buried

There will be References to Stonehenge, Knowth, Dowth, Avebury, and the Egyptian Pyramids,

Following will be an Overview of the Sequani Calendar which will lead to Simivisonnios- Lughnasadh.   Since the Calendar was buried; understanding/ celebrating the Holiday.  This portion of the workshop will cover Roman, Christian, Modern, and NeoPagan connections.

Lisa Denney

Lisa Denney is a Jill of All Trades and Master of None. Dabbling in belly dance, hula hooping, poi, henna, and the visual arts…….she holds a bachelors degree in studio art and spends her days designing area rugs and pondering upon her belly button.  She will be teaching a beginning poi and Hoop dancing workshop.




  • Coedwig Hanson

    Codwwig Hanson is involved in Midwest Gathering of The Tribes being in held in Iowa in September.  He is a Druid and a student of Dynion Mwyn.  He will be speaking about Druidism and its philosophy.





    Cerrunnos and Gwendolyn

    They are Elders of Dynion Mwyn from Iowa.  They are hosting the Midwest Gathering of the Tribes in September.  The Cerrnunnos workshop is Rural Witchcraft and Paganism

    Darkest Snow is a third level Dynion Mwyn member from North Carolina. In her job, she travels all over the world and has been exposed to many traditions.

    She will conduct a workshop on Opening the Third Eye.







    Eliza, is a Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer. She started her path to belly dance over seven years ago. Her first instructor was Andrea Perkins, the founder of Zanzibar Studios in Chattanooga, TN. She quickly found a love for the ancient movement of female empowerment, and soon learned she had found her passion. Soon she discovered an amazing dancer, Amberetta, who introduced her into the world of belly dance with sword. One performance by Amberetta with double sword, and Eliza was hooked!

    With both teachers migrated west, Eliza took to solitude for many years. Performing here and there for friends, family, and community events. She soon realized she wanted more education and returned to Zanzibar Studios where she currently is part of the Student Troupe under the direction of the beautiful and talented Lacy Jo of Dandasha Bellydance, also a Tribal Fusion belly dancer.

    She pulls her inspiration from many tribal cultures around the world including India, Egypt, Persia, Turkey, and Eastern European nomadic tribe dancing (Roma). American Tribal Style, Modern dance, Ballet, and traditional Odissi are a few that have influenced her style.

    Eliza has also completed the level one, Initiation, of Rachel Brice's 8 Elements™ Program. She continues to complete this program to broaden her education in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.


     celtic stag

    Special Entertainment

    There will be musical groups and individuals who will be presenting an eclectic blend of modern and traditional Celtic music and much, much more!

    Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus

    Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus is an internationally acclaimed niche band that performs praise music honoring the Goddess and the God from the Pagans, Witches, and Wiccan perspective. Their lyrics are drawn from mythology, nature, meditation, and divine inspiration and their music draws from rock, blues, pop, jazz, folk, alternative and even new age styles. Shining Wheel are best know for their songs, "Sun Moon and Stars", "Moonlight Shines (In the Midnight Wood)" and "Loki". They are based out of Clearwater, Florida but have toured nationwide at Pagan bookstores, new age shops, and festivals. They just released their second album, Elemental Children of Earth, available at www.cdbaby.com/shiningwheel, on itunes and are currently touring to promote it. This band gives a great show and raises a lot of energy! Members include Dian Gorsira, Michael Johnson, Lori Newlove, Raine Paar, Colby Parrish, Rhythm, Brian Seachrist, and Holli Tempe. You can find them on facebook or at www.shiningwheelband.com

    Treblehawk, formed by Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus alum, Brian Morse, revisits ancient myths and legends of the ancient world with music, magic and merriment. Whether it be a blues ditty about Isis, a rollicking rocking adventure with Odin, A zydeco inspired piece about the trad witches in the Louisiana Bayous, or a touching ballad about the departure of the Oak King, Treblehawk has brought back the ancient bardic traditions.

    A Treblehawk concert can include elements of rock, blues, bluegrass, reggae, jazz, world music, country, and folk, all in one set. Using guitar, piano, violin voice and world percussion Treblehawk weaves a spell of musical enchantment that captures your imagination, touches your soul and makes you want to dance naked in the moonlight.

    Treblehawk has also been producing music for the nationally syndicated fishing show for children, "Hook The Future" for nearly 10 seasons.

    Treblehawk's first CD release, "Neveralone" is available at all of their performances and the best way for you to get ahold of your very own copy is to ask, plea and demand that the promoters of your next festival or event have Treblehawk come and do a performance. Electronic down loads from Treblehawk's "Neveralone" CD are available at ReverbNation.com/Treblehawk.

    Treblehawk is now back in the studio working on their second CD, "Freedom". This CD will be available at CDBaby.com, and other online outlets as well as public appearances by the band when it is released this year. You can check the progress of the CD at Treblehawk's Facebook page or at ReverbNation.com/Treblehawk. They will be posting routine updates of their recording progress with rough mixes and scratch tracks so that you can be in the studio with them as they record.

    Treblehawk is:

    Brian Morse: Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
    Lyn Shanahan: Percussion, Dulcimer, Guitar, Vocals
    Allen George: Percussion: Ukulele, Ocarina, Melodica
    Lonesome Willy Earl: Violin, Banjo, Resonator Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

    See the Bulletin Board for the latest information.  More bands coming!

    celtic stag


    Although Vendors are welcome, there are limited Vendor spaces available.  Contact Georgia Gathering at camgroup1@bellsouth.net to reserve space. We consider vendors to be as important as the workshop leaders and the entertainers. We would appreciate it if Vendors would donate something for the Raffle, because its how we help to keep costs down and grow the gatherings in the future.

    Vendors do not pay a fee.  They just pay a registration fee the same as everyone else. But if you want electricity, you will pay a $10 fee.

    Vendors add to the Gathering and give back to us in the merchandise they sell to our participants.  Sometimes this is the only gathering a person will go to all year.  They may be in an area that does NOT have occult book stores or jewelry or clothing.  This is their only chance to obtain this type of merchandise.   Thank you vendors for adding to our gatherings.  Just designate that you are a vendor on the registration form and let us know what you are selling. You should arrive by 11:00am on Thursday that will make it easy on you and everyone but if you can't please get here as soon as you can.  If you can't get here by 11am Thursday please let us know approximately when you will be arriving.  Appreciate It.  The first Vendors to sign up are:

  • Thousand Petals Massage Therapists

    Rose Boswell has been a massage therapist for almost 3 years. She really enjoys helping people find relief and comfort by working through their pain and discomfort. She is a Georgia native, and an animal lover. She has 5 cats and 1 dog and is always open to learning new and interesting things.

    Brian Garner has been a massage therapisgt and reike practitioner for 10 years, and pracitced an ecclectic blend of western ceremonial shamanistic hoodo for going on 15 years.  He founded Thousand Petals massage and Wellmess May 4th of last year, ultimately with the intention of building a wellness center focused on natural healing through massage, acupuncture, natropathic medicine, and inner exploration and awakening.
    Chair massage for $1 a minute, hand and foot salt scrubs for $10 each or $15 for both. We’re also bringing out some scented soaps and salt scrub batches to sell; some of them scented individually and some with magical blends – cleansing and clearing, attraction, banishing, and others; whatever I can formulate between now and then. I’ll be brining wrap pants and hand bound wood and leather journals as well, probably a limited supply and difficult to price ahead of time, but probably no more than $25-30 for the pants and anywhere from $25-75 for books. I might bring miscellaneous other things as well, I deal in curios, conjure hands, crystals, wands... I often have stock in storage.
    We’re offering a book, a soap/scrub package and a 1 hour massage on Sunday for the drawing.


    BearMoon Creations is a cottage industry based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. We have been in business since 2000.  We carry hand etched glassware as well as many other handcrafted pagan oriented gifts.




    Earth Elementals.

    Our goal is to bring each of our customers what they need or want in their Rituals, or Decoration Motif. Whether it is, Hand-Dipped incense, an Athame or sword, an Altar Cloth, Organic Herbs or Herbal Blends, an Altar Table, Candle Holders, Candle Snuffers, or anything in between. We cater to all Religions.

    Earth Elementals is for all your needs and wants. If you don't see it, we will try to get it!


    We take telephone orders at 828-367-0504. Check out our Website for orders as well.
    Owner: Velvet Franklin  Telephone: 828-367-0504 or 828-640-8510




    Cloaking Devices

    Merry Meet! I am Demeter, a daughter of the Goddess. I have a little shoppe called "Cloaking Devices", specializing in capes, cloaks, ritual wear, ritual accoutrements, candles, feather fascinators, sarongs, flags, eclectic hand-made jewelry, booty jingles- I'm sure I've forgotten an item or two!  I have vended for Lady Jade at Avalon Isle last year. We have a 10' x 20' size canopy that we vend out of, and set up behind my 21' pull-behind camper.








    The Art of Sarah Wade

    Sarah WadeSarah Wade is the Drum Bard of Oak Haven, a level 2 Reiki Practitioner and has been following an eclectic pagan spiritual path for 17 years. She is an accomplished Artist specializing in Celtic, Pagan, and Native American Art. She works in many mediums including Paint, Leather, Clay, Henna, Charcoal, Pastel and just about any other medium she can get her paws on. She is an avid Drummer and Native American Flute player. 





      Damons Armory W/ Chris and Angela

    Chris has been making Chainmaille for 12 years. He apprenticed in Denver, Colorado in 2000 under a chainmaille artisan and Odinist Priest until 2002 when he moved to Alabama. All of his chain is hand made, all of his stainless steel and brass pieces are made from hand coiled metals. He takes pride in his craftsmanship and guarantees all of his work. He does custom orders and will size your piece to fit. 





    Angela is the High Priestess of Oak Haven, and has been following a pagan spiritual path for 19 years. She is a 1st level Reiki Practitioner and is skilled in Aura Cleansing, Crystal Healing and Tarot. She is also skilled in the removal of unwanted attachments through energetic cord cuttings. She is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology. She will be offering Tarot Readings and Crystal Healings at GOTT for Trade or Donation.  





    Earth Elements

    Thru our store we offer a wide variety of products, such as Herbs, healing stones and natural teas.

    No matter your path or following: Paganism, Buddhism, the Red Path, Santeria, Shamanism, New Age, Wicca Ceremonial Magick or any other Spiritual Path. We have something for all!

    Thru our store we offer a wide variety of products, such as Herbs, healing stones, natural teas and Essential Oils. We also offer handcrafted gemstone jewelry, bath and body products like soaps, salves and lip balms.

    We also offer Classes, Readings (Tarot, Palm, Crystal Ball, Psychic, Past Life), Healing and Spirit Animals.


    Tengu and Friends

    I and my wife have been producing art together for over 20 years.  Luna has a fine art degree from the Ringling School of Art and Design and Koshu is a self-taught potter.  Our work ranges from functional and non-functional potter i.e. mugs, chalices, offering bowls and saucers to jewelry and hand colored scrolls from Luna's original designs.  Also, Lisa designed the first album for Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus who will be performing at the event.  We have been in the craft for over 20 years and are the High Priest and Priestess for Mystic Mountain Coven, an eclectic wiccan coven, which we founded in 2001. 






    celtic stag


    Gathering Ritual and Pot Luck Feast

    Pot Luck feast will precede the ritual.  Mainly because there will be children present    Please bring food for yourselves and an extra dish to share with everyone.

    Ritual will be Saturday Evening.   Please honor us by attending and wearing your ritual attire.  Circle will be cast, then opened for entrance.  Please take this time to meditate, calm yourself to enjoy the celebration of our rite.

    celtic stag


    We only have primitive camping available.  If you wish more modern conveniences, there are a few Motels located nearby:

    Key West Inn Lafayette  approx. $65  - Address: 2221 North Main Street, LaFayette, GA 30728   Phone: (706) 638-8200
    Express Inn and Suites at Trion, GA  $65 - Address: 14364 U.S. 27, Trion, GA 30753
    Phone: (706) 734-2117
    Days Inn at Ringgold, GA  - Address: 5435 Alabama Highway, Ringgold, GA 30736
    Phone: (800) 225-3297
    Days Inn at Trenton, GA - Address: Killian Avenue, Trenton, GA 30752
    Phone: (706) 657-2550
    Quality Inn at Ringgold, GA - Address: 5437 Old Alabama Road, Ringgold, GA 30736
    Phone: (706) 965-4100
    Days Inn at La Fayette, GA $50 - Address: 2209 North Main Street, La Fayette, GA 30728
    Phone: (706) 639-9362

    Econo Lodge at Chickamauga, GA - Address: 118 General Bushrod Johnson Av, Chickamauga, GA 30707 

    Phone: (706) 375-7007


    celtic stag

    Festival Do's and Don'ts:




    You will find a number of walking trails, all manner of wildlife, and a number of different ecosystems. 

    These are primitive camping sites, with plenty of room for camping, parking, and even RVs and campers (but no sewage or water hookups). The Georgia site has large open fields, deep woods, a pond to swim in, a great covered stage, showers, and a nice covered pavilion.  It's also very private: clothing optional area will be designated.

    There are reasonably priced Motels available within 5 - 10 miles of the Gathering Locations. 

    Gates open at 12 noon on Thursday for camp setup and close 12 noon on Sunday. 

    We have outhouses on site (but you might want to bring your own toilet paper!)

    If you bring anything in.... you will be expected to take it back out.  Bring several Trash Bags.

    You might want to set up a portable shower. 

    Drumming until all hours.

    We reserve the right to deny admittance or remove anyone acting contrary to the spirit of the GOTT.  Illegal substances are absolutely forbidden, by any and all people!! This is very important - if you can't abstain for the weekend, please stay home. We run the risk of losing the site and our freedoms otherwise.


    Service animals are allowed and must have proof of current vaccines (bring paper from your vet). Service animals must be well- behaved and under physical control at all times (this means leashed or crated, not running loose or under verbal command). You must clean up after your pet, so that "doggie bombs" are not left behind for others to step in. Service animals are always free, but must meet above guidelines."

    We need to have a copy of either their prescription if the animal is in training or the animals certificate if the training is complete. We ask that they provide us a copy at registration and we just keep it on file in case the animal breaks training and bites someone.....etc.


    For Fees click HERE

    Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.



    There will be a $10 Charge if you want electricity at your vendor site.


    Do NOT Bring your own Firewood if you are coming from outside Georgia (firewood will be available upon request.)

    Ground fires must be in a pit with sod replaced and watered upon leaving. All Pits to be approved by Gathering Staff. 

    Small grills are welcome. 


    Contact: Dynion Mwyn - camgroup1@bellsouth.net or Dynion Mwyn P.O. Box 672125, Marietta, Georgia 30006

    Contact: Many Paths at Siohieb Laney redwarwitch@yahoo.com

    celtic stag

    Attendance Restrictions

    There will be a maximum of 400 cars.  There will be no maximum of participants.  Our suggestion is that if you do not get your registration to us in time and cannot park your car on site, try to make arrangements with someone to ferry participants from local motels to the Gathering.

    Refund Policy:

    Up until August 1, 2012, there will be a 50% Refund of your membership fee upon cancellation of your Registration.  There are no refunds of a membership fee after August 1 2012.  


    Cherokee Farms is situated about 45 minutes South of Chattanooga and about an hour and 45 minutes North of Atlanta.  For those with GPS: 2035 Old Mineral Springs Rd., LaFayette, GA, 30728

    FROM ATLANTA, take I-75N to exit 320 (HWY 136), and follow Hwy 136W into LaFayette. Turn LEFT at the Walmart to continue on 136W. About 1/2 mile down, turn LEFT onto Old Mineral Springs Rd. Follow for 1.5 miles, and turn right at Walnut Row.

    FROM CHATTANOOGA, follow HWY 27S for about 21 miles, and turn RIGHT at the Walmart onto HWY 136W. About 1/2 mile down, turn LEFT onto Old Mineral Springs Rd. Follow for 1.5 miles, and turn right at Walnut Row.

    FROM NASHVILLE, take I-24E to I-59S and exit at Trenton/HWY 136. Follow HWY 136E until you see the sign for Dry Creek. Be ready to turn RIGHT almost immediately after onto Old Mineral Springs Rd. Follow for 1.5 miles, and turn right at Walnut Row

    Please drive slowly as you enter event grounds!

    Contact information:


    Camelot, P.O. Box 672125, Marietta, Georgia 30006

    e-mail - camgroup1@bellsouth.net

    Fill out the registration page, and mail to Camelot at P.O. Box 672125, Marietta, GA 30006   - along with all names and mailing addresses of all attendees, phone #, e-mail and arrival time, Release of liability required at check in.  All local, state and Federal laws must be obeyed. 


    Dynion Mwyn Tradition - dynionmwyn23@hotmail.com

    Lady Gwen Boudicca - gwenbuddica@yahoo.co.uk
    Lord Rhuddlwm Gawr - rhuddlwm@gmail.com


    Many Paths at Siohieb Laney redwarwitch@yahoo.com

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