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Annual Phoenix and Ashes 2011 Retreat

Memorial Day Weekend

May 26th Thru May 30


"From the Ashes, We Rise!"

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If you access a pdf file, print it out and send it to the Herding Cats address at:

Michael A. George
601 Birchridge Ct.
Virginia Beach, Va.
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The Retreat will be held at:

- Big Bear Campground-

(Formerly Blackwater Campground)

7651 Whispering Pines Trail

Windsor, VA 23487

(757) 357-7211


Welcome to Big Bear Family Campground a natural wooded sanctuary.  At Big Bear you'll find a lake, a number of walking trails, wildlife, and a number of different ecosystems. 

Primitive camping areas available.  Gates open at 12 noon on Thursday for camp setup (but if you come earlier than that, nobody will get upset).  We will have portalets on site.  No open fires please.   Small grills are welcome.  We will have a designated trash collection point.   

Pets are welcome as long as they are controlled.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Attendance Restrictions

The Parking area is currently limited as to the number of cars that can be comfortably parked.  Those who stay at a local motel should arrange to carpool or van pool to the retreat


Phoenix and Ashes is a Spiritual Retreat to happen Memorial Day Weekend, May 27th thru May 31st at Big Bear Family Campground (formerly Blackwater campground). This is a community affair we hope will stretch to reach every Pagan, Heathen and Hopeful Spirit in the area!! All Respectful Seekers Welcome!!

The Phoenix and Ashes Retreat provides a common ground to appreciate the similarities between other paths and traditions. The Retreat provides us an opportunity to express our religious freedom of choice.  We share the passion of our beliefs and what is sacred in our life, with others.  Our Bardic and nightly Drum Circles provides a way to celebrate our coming together.  We sing, dance, drum, and feel the vibrations rising from the Earth with each beat of our hearts.     We celebrate and honor the Old Ways of Spirit and Nature. 

With the times being as hard as they are, folk are looking less and less at the brighter things in life, and concentrating on what isnít in the wallet. We need this event, we need it to Retreat from all that is going on, and to reconnect with ourselves and our Faith.

This is a grass roots attempt, my friends. There are only a handful of us working to bring this about. We are not expecting a major influx but we ARE hopeful to find our lost friends and brethren.
 If you are already a child of the Gods - you should not miss this Retreat.  If you are looking for your religious path, - you should come this Retreat.  If you have been away from the peace of the arms of the Goddess - you should come to this Retreat.

Come, help us achieve our goal, a Community Retreat to welcome all Respectful Seekers!

"It is not so much who or what we have faith in, but that we have Faith!"

Rev. Elden K. Aedui


To Be added soon

Special Guests:

Rev. Susan Davis
Rev. Susan Davis(Moonsilvered)  was born in Galveston, TX in 1955. Her first book, "Magickal Progressions" was released in 2008. She is a former CPA who began formal training in New Forest Tradition in Houston, TX in 1972.  

In 1983, with two small children, she retired from active coven management and embarked on a solitary magickal journey that focused much more on various forms of healing with sound and visualization, massage, chakra manipulation,  herbs, trance work and Reiki.  She also began serious work with Elemental Magicks during this time and met her lifemate/HP and fellow healer, Rev. Lawrence Harney. They have been teaching students and traveling together since then. 


Rev. Lawrence P. Harney
Rev. Harney was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1952.  He practices a Wiccan/Egyptian Tradition, and was career USAF, retiring 1995.  Lawrence is trained in several styles of healing, including techniques learned while stationed in the UK and in Japan.  He is a specialist in accupressure and vibrational healing and a teacher both in person and online. He actively performs a variety of Pagan Ministerial work, including funerals, handfastings, wiccanings and covenings along with lifemate/HPS.

As additional special Guests and Speakers sign up they will be placed here


Adults 18+: $50.00 until May 17th for Pre-Registration

$65 from May 18th until the start of the event

Teens 13-17: $40 flat rate

Children 4-12: $20 flat rate

3 Years and Younger: Free

Day Trippers: $15 a day

Vendors: Admission fees apply +$10

Please make all checks and money orders out to and send to:
Michael A. George
601 Birchridge Ct.
Virginia Beach, Va.

Registration Hours at the Gate:

Thurs: Noon-5pm

Fri-Sun: 9am-5pm


Witchcraft and Wicca
Sponsors of this Web Page

Herding Cats LLC. at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/phoenix_and_ashes/

The Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn, Inc. is the Welsh tradition.  Their homepage is at: http://www.dynionmwyn.com/dynionmwyn/dynionmwyn23.html   






Big Bear Campground has primitive camping available and there are hookups for RVs and such. 


Retreat Do's and Don'ts:

Attendee Information

To ensure that we are in compliance with Big Bear Family Campground's policies, we require all vendors, attendees, visitors and staff to adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by Herding Cats LLC as described below. This assures that we will operate within the laws and coexist in peace, harmony, civility and safety. Non-compliance to these Rules and Policies can result in expulsion from the Retreat.

In addition to having respect for the Grounds, we ask that you show respect to all Retreat and Campground staff. Staff and Security have the final say. No ifs, ands, or buts.

This is a Green Campground. What you bring in, please take out.

No swimming or wading in the lake at any time. There is a pool available for swimming.

There is no electricity and no drinking water provided. There are showers and bathrooms available. Please bring your own water. It is not recommended to use the faucet outside the bathhouse, as it is not potable.

All vehicles must be moved to designated parking lot after unloading.

Campfires must be well kept. Fires are to be in a container or a fire pit that is approved by a staff member. Fires, like children, are not to be left unattended at anytime.

Pets are allowed and must remain on a leash at all times. Please bring proof of current rabies vaccination with you. Owners are responsible for any and all problems caused by their pets such as excessive barking, damage or injury. Owners must scoop all poop.

The gate is locked at midnight. All day-trippers must leave by that time or pay for a second day.

There are absolutely NO illegal substances. Violators will be removed from the event.

Minors must be supervised by their parent/guardian at all times.

NO firearms are permitted.

Clothing is required by Virginia law.

NO partial nudity.

No electronic music. No drumming from the hours of 11pm to 8am. Please be respectful and considerate of nearby residents and other attendees.

The Fire Circle is sacred!! Everyone needs to read the rules and govern themselves accordingly.

Offerings need to be approved by the Fire Team. Fire Team staff are the only ones allowed to tend the fire and no trash is to be thrown in the fire at any time.

You must be a staff photographer in order to take pictures. If you are NOT staff, please: no soul stealing.

This is an inter-Faith Retreat, Be tolerant of other Paths of Faith. Please, no bashing!



Vendors are welcome. Contact Stormwalker to reserve space and request your merchant waiver. All merchants must sign a waiver before attending the retreat.  If power is required, you will need to bring your own generator since this is a primitive camping event. We consider vendors to be as important as the workshop leaders and the entertainers.  Vendors add to the Retreat and give back to us in the merchandise they sell to our participants.  Sometimes this is the only Retreat a person will go to all year.  They may be in an area that does NOT have occult book stores or jewelry or clothing.  This is their only chance to obtain this type of merchandise.   Thank you vendors for adding to our Retreats.  Just designate that you are a vendor on the registration form and let us know what you are selling. You will need to arrive by 11:00am on Thursday or let us know in advance if you will be arriving at a different time.

Contact Stormwalker03@gmail.com   

No Refunds Are Possible at this Time


Directions Available Upon Request

Hint: use mapquest.com and plug in the address!

Contact Information:

WebPage: Herding Cats LLC. at   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/phoenix_and_ashes/

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