betsy ashby defamed and slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Y Tylwyth Teg - Welsh witchcraft dragon



Betsy Ashby defamed and slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Y Tylwyth Teg - Welsh witchcraft dragon

Betsy Ashby stole the name Gathering of the Tribes and slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr

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This Page is Sponsored by The Religious Freedom Coalition of the Southeast

The following statement is being published to identify the Religious Freedom Coalition of the Southeast and the tradition of Dynion Mwyn's positions as they pertain to alleged Terroristic Threats, Theft, Hacking, Plagerization, Slander, Forgery, Criminal Defamation, and other alleged offenses that have been committed by Betsy Ashby and others against pagan churches in general and the Church of Dynion Mwyn specifically.  We are also giving you information that you can use to discover if you are hearing factual information or untrue rumor.  If you discover slanderous charges against any pagan church or organization, please report them ASAP to The staff has collected a large amount of evidence pertaining to lies, slander and terrorist threats that have been made against us.  Real Pagans don't attempt to coerce threaten or defame other Pagans. 

Lady Gwen Boudicca, Cardiff, Wales and Columbus, GA, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn


President George W Bush   Dynion Mwyn and Y Tylwyth Teg

President George W Bush  Hacking Y Tylwyth Teg and Dynion Mwyn Web Sites

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  Slander and Defamation

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  The Gathering of the Tribes, History

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  How to Fight Slander and WitchWars

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  Investigating Rumors and Gossip

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  What is Evidence

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  Plagiarism

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  Forgery

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  Claims of Prior Use

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  Jury Awards $11.3 Million Dollars over Defamatory Posts

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  $5,000 Reward!

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  Disclaimer of Religious Freedom Coalition

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes   Y TYLWYTH TEG AND DYNION MWYN

Some facts:  Lord Rhuddlwm Gawr was initiated in Wales in 1966. See: ( and and  Also see ) Lord Rhuddlwm Gawr retired from the Church of Y Tylwyth Teg, Inc. in Feb 2, 2003, and officially handed over the reigns of leadership to Lady Cerridwen, his wife.  His purpose in retiring was to continue writing, speaking and doing research on Dynion Mwyn, the original source of Y Tylwyth Teg beliefs and initiation.  The Church of Y Tylwyth Teg, Inc. is a part of the Tradition of Dynion Mwyn.

Later Rhuddlwm Gawr temporarily came out of retirement to lead the Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn, Inc. in the U.S.  He was also the founder of the Association of Cymry Wiccae, Inc. 

As of 9/1/2007, Lord Rhuddlwm Gawr has again retired and is revising "The Pentacle and the Sword".   The Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn, Inc. is now lead by a board of directors composed of ethical and qualified elders.  

Lady Cerridwen stood by Lord Rhuddlwm and supported Dynion Mwyn beliefs through the Church of Y Tylwyth Teg, for 18  years.  She helped shape policy.  She is a good leader of Y Tylwyth Teg. 

Certain individuals have made it a policy to slander and defame Dynion Mwyn, and/or Y Tylwyth Teg.  As an elder of Dynion Mwyn, I feel it is my duty to post my response to any slander or any questions that may arise from this split.  Rhuddlwm Gawr will be purportedly mentioning some of these same individuals in the "WitchWars chapter.   I can't wait to see the fur fly!  I speak for all loyal Dynion Mwyn members when I say that Lord Rhuddlwm Gawr is a most honorable person and holds the tenets of honor, loyalty, and trust as the most important part of his teachings.  Judge for yourself.  Make your own decisions.

In conclusion, Lord Rhuddlwm Gawr is the original founder of both Y Tylwyth Teg and Dynion Mwyn, in the U.S.  He and Dynion Mwyn are the victim of slander by those who could not meet the requirements of becoming an ethical Witch, so they attack their teachers or those who were more knowlegeable.  SHAME ON THEM...They have violated every ethical tenet of Welsh Witchcraft and of the traditions they claim "to be a part of".  They have also violated every Pagan tenet that has ever been put forth.  May the gods treat them as they are treating others.

Lady Gwen Boudicca, Cardiff, Wales and Columbus, GA, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn

See Below for:

Guto Rhys
Betsy Ashby
Michael Marra
Stuart A'Herne
James Cosby
Anthony Palazzo, aka Robin Artisson
Keith Morgan, aka Kimberly Morgan aka Hu Gadarn - The Goat of Mendez
James Cosby 

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  HACKING OF WELSH WITCHCRAFT SITE

The Dynion Mwyn Welsh Witchcraft web page has been hacked or invaded by unauthorized persons no less than nine times in the last five years.  After DM traced and identified one hacker, the proper authorities were notified and the hacker was dealt with.   But Dynion Mwyn expects more attempts of trying to bring down their site, by the Religious Right, and unethical pagans which seem to be visible everywhere. 

The former Dynion Mwyn representative in North Wales reported that her Computer was hacked by persons unknown, but was tracked to a router in France.  It is known that Guto Rhys (see below) uses a similar IP address.

Sarah Lewis, Cardiff, Wales, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes SLANDER AND DEFAMATION.

No leader, staff member or teacher in the history of the existence of Dynion Mwyn  has ever been legally accused or charged with a crime.  We have investigated several untrue charges, but when the perpetrators are confronted, no one will admit to spreading the malicious rumors and slander.   Or when asked to tell their story to authorities, they suddenly do not wish to be involved.   Read the below to see where these stories come from:


Members of the Pagan Community has been hearing rumors for years that a particular group in California connected to a Web page called Fari Gold, have allegedly been accused of sexual abuse, rape, slander, defamation, and all manner of degrading practices.  But upon investigation, our staff has not been able to find the person (or persons) who will admit to being the source of the gossip.  Although we HAVE found a news report from several years ago claiming that one of their members was suspected of ritual murder.

Therefore we will not state for certain that they have done these terrible things until we have proof.  In the meantime these terrible acts, should be considered unsubstantiated rumors and although interesting, may or may not totally credible.  When confronted with questions about these allegations, and questions concerning alleged plagerizm by farie gold members, the Fari Gold people put up a Web Page slandering the Church of Tylwyth Teg, citing non-existent pages on the Tylwyth Teg site and we believe, stealing pages from the Dynion Mwyn site and altering them, so we will add fraud to these charges.  Sounds like the tricks the communists and Al Quida and Saddam Husein have used over the years to discredit the U.S.  They hope you won't actually go and check for these alleged plagiarized pages!  Go to the list of Dynion Mwyn books written by Rhuddlwm Gawr and originally published in the 70s and 80s which contain the text they claim is theirs at: Click Here for DM BOOKS!  You won't find any!



There are numerous stories that a (Click Here) Anthony Palazzo aka Robin Artisson (doesn't use his real name in all of his attacks and articles), who purports to be a member of a "Traditional" Witchcraft organization connected to the writings of Robert Cochran, has been accused of theft of intellectual property, slander, defamation, and other things.  It is rumored that Robin Artisson has committed various sexual perversions, assaulted students and has been a thorn in the side of all ethical pagans for years with an ego that just won't be humble.  Robin Artisson also tries to be the spokesperson of many groups without their consent or knowledge.  Upon investigation, our staff has not been able to find the person who will admit to being the source of the above gossip.  Therefore we will not state for certain that Robin Artisson has committed these acts until we have proof.  In the meantime these acts, should be considered unsubstantiated rumors and although interesting, may or may not totally credible.  (When confronted about his failings,  Robin Artisson too placed a Web Page claiming we have plagiarized Cochran's writings.) actually the page referred to was in the control of Dynion Mwyn in Wales, our Mother Grove.  We called attention to the situation and they immediately investigated and found some similarities to some paragraphs.  We recommended that they remove the text until a true ownership could be established.  They did, and provided a disclaimer on the pages.  That incensed Robin Artisson and he began a program of intimidation and slander against Rhuddlwm Gawr and Y Tylwyth Teg.  In our opinion Robin Artisson's position in the Pagan community is now  irrelevant and unimportant since he has violated too many trusts.  In our opinion, Robin is without honor.  Again, sounds like the Al Quida, Iran, and the North Koreans all rolled up into one, doesn't it? 

The following excerpt is from a page at:

"Once upon a time, there was a man named Anthony Palazzo who, after suffering from intense heat stroke at a New Orleans Mardis Gras, became convinced he could perform 1337 magick. After trying in vain to shoot lightning bolts out of his fingertips, he then became a fundamentalist pagan with a messianic complex. Mr. Palazzo then turned his mystical efforts to something much more ominous: the internets. "

"Soon, he began anointing himself with the pseudonym Robin Artisson and began writing for such well known pagan websites as WitchVox ( An example of his work can be seen in this article entitled The Castle of the Rose Queen: The Mysteries of Death and the Resolving of the Heart ( Unfortunately, rather than creating admiration and respect amongst pagans, these writings only served to make him an object of derision. "

The following is from a person who has had dealings with Robin Artisson but doesn't want their name mentioned because Robin is known to be very vindictive:

"Some time ago I came across a web site ... The site owner, who goes by the name of "Robin Artisson", accused your organization of plagiarism. ... Since then, I have discovered that "Robin Artisson" is something of an idiot, and wanted to convey to you my feeling that you have nothing to worry about in regards to him. He is as transparent as day.

"For example, he has driven many people from an unmoderated egroup that I used to belong to due to his argumentative nature, threats, and the absolutely foul and degrading language that he uses towards others. He has disparaged women and gays, and even wished one member a slow and painful death. He ridicules most all beliefs other than his own, and seems to think that he is Witchcraft's' gift from the Gods. He is a master of personal attack and truth-twisting.

"Recently, he barged into another egroup that I belong to and accused someone on the previously mentioned egroup of stealing his "copyrighted" work and posting it elsewhere. Members attempted to interact with him constructively. He proceeded to bad mouth THEM, ridicule their beliefs, and was banned from that group as a result. Talk about shooting one's self in the foot!

"In short, this (person) is a trouble maker, thrives on this, and I doubt that anyone takes him seriously. It's sad in a way that he IS like this - he seems to be intelligent and, I believe, could offer much to our community. His insatiable need for attention, even negative attention, his need to be "right", and his obviously low self esteem and need to depict others as being even lower than himself to compensate for his shortcomings, make this impossible however.

"My intent in sending this letter to you is to tell you, simply, that once people get to know "Robin", they begin to see through the facade and see him as the author of lies that he often is. Your fine organization has nothing to fear from him in the long run. I'm sure that many in the Pagan/Witch community knows him for what he is, and this effectively robs him of whatever "power" he thinks he has, making his accusation against you null and void."

Click HERE to find out all about Anthony Palazzo aka Robin Artisson.

Read The Word by Rhuddlwm Gawr at   (Barnes and Noble on-line bookstore) and read the second chapter as well as other chapters about Robert Cochrane.

Lady Gwen Boudicca, Cardiff, Wales and Columbus, GA, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn



There are rumors that a Michael Marra, better known as "The Tic" (nicknamed by Gwen Thompson) and a peripheral associate of the Celtic Tradition, was allegedly involved with the theft of the Gwen Thompson book of shadows and various items from Gwen's mothers garage.  Michael Marra also claimed to be an elder of the Celtic Tradition (LOL).  He  is reportedly being investigated for Tax Fraud, common burglary, false claims of initiations, theft of intellectual property, slander, defamation, and other acts.  

We recently were contacted by people who seem to have a great deal of knowledge about Michael Marra's activities.  We have also received several e-mail, postal and phone communications over the years regarding this person and these charges. 

Until recently, we ignored the situation.  But since Michael Marra has allegedly attacked us, we can no longer stand by while Michael Marra slanders us and possibly harms minors and wealthy women.  We have turned over our evidence to private and state officials, and we are letting them handle it. 

Michael Marra allegedly found out that one of our members was writing a book and was going to expose him.  Michael Marra then began to spread slander and defamation to call attention away from his alleged crimes.  We knew Gwen Thompson for several years up until her Death.  For information concerning her writings, purchase The Word by Rhuddlwm Gawr originally written in 1986 and reprinted in December 2002.  Go to the chapter about The Unicorn Book of Shadows.  You can find it at your local bookstore, ( ISBN 0595258085 ) or if they are out at:    (IUniverse Publishers)   (Barnes and Noble on-line bookstore)

Lady Gwen Boudicca, Cardiff, Wales and Columbus, GA, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn



There are various rumors which seem to have originated in Georgia from ex-students of Dynion Mwyn and Y Tylwyth Teg, who left the Church because they had committed an illegal or unethical offense against members or wished to form their own groups, and felt it was in their best interest to slander, defame, and accuse Rhuddlwm Gawr and the founders of the Church of Y Tylwyth Teg of everything they could think of.  But, of course they were unwilling to actually make any charges in public, since they were lies and innuendo.  They confided in friends that they wanted to show that it wasn't their fault that they left, that people wouldn't listen to them and come to their groups if they told them the REAL reason they left.  They used and abused students who were emotionally damaged and convinced them they were a friend when in fact they were telling everyone that this student was a fool.  They destroyed this persons self confidence.   These people have been turned over to Georgia DEFACs since they have children and they are involved with drugs.

There are also people who claim to have attended Y Tylwyth Teg or Dynion Mwyn classes in Georgia, who get a kick out of fabricating untrue and slanderous stories about Y Tylwyth Teg, Rhuddlwm Gawr and Dynion Mwyn.  Some of them are actually quite funny since they describe "Lady Cerridwen" (leader of Y Tylwyth Teg) as someone who smokes, has dark leather like skin, and looks old.  LOL.  LOL.  All of you who know Lady Cerridwen can see how far from the truth that is, since she looks young, has never smoked, has a fair complexion, and is considered to be very attractive. 

Yes, in my opinion, Y Tylwyth Teg made mistakes in judgement by welcoming unsuitable people into their homes and hearts; but it is terrible that these people in return dishonored themselves by lying and slandering those who were helped.  They dishonored themselves and Y Tylwyth Teg by their actions.  See Tenets.

Lady Gwen Boudicca, Cardiff, Wales and Columbus, GA, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn



We have heard terrible stories about a Keith Morgan or Kimberly Morgan aka Hu Gadarn - The Goat of Mendez and a Stuart A'Herne (may or may not be his real name).   Keith Morgan or Kim Morgan wrote a few Pagan pamphlets back in the 80's and purportedly was from Wales.  Rhuddlwm and Cerridwen met him in 1990 while in Wales.  You can go to and see Rhuddlwm's and Cerridwen's trip back to Wales. Rhuddlwm gave Keith Morgan or Kim Morgan copies of The Quest and The Way.  Keith Morgan or Kim Morgan wrote a letter soon after the visit applauding the books and explaining that his then High Priestess had read the books and was very excited about meeting Rhuddlwm and Cerridwen.  He was very nice at the time, but later underwent a sex change operation (he/she is now Kim Morgan or Kimberly Morgan) and began attacking Rhuddlwm Gawr and Cerridwen Gawr as fakes and charlatans.  I presume it was hormones? This happened right after he/she and another Welsh Pretender Witch (Stuart) put up their own Welsh Witchcraft page.  I guess they just didn't want the competition.  Both of these individuals are alleged to have been involved in sexual abuse, theft of intellectual property, slander, defamation, and other things.  He also put up a rhuddlwmgawr page in conjunction with Betsy Ashby which slanders Y Tylwyth Teg and Dynion Mwyn.  It is rumored that Keith Morgan or Kim Morgan has been a thorn in the side of all ethical pagans for years with an ego that just won't be humble.  This may be one reason he changed genders, so he wouldn't have to face his accusers.

Keith/Kimberly uses various alliases to attempt to make you believe there are many people who support him.   Sorry Keith, your alliases only lead back to you.

He claimed that Rhuddlwm had never been to Wales.   But if you will go to and and   you will quickly find out that not only was he there but he sent postcards home which are reproduced here.

The following letter was received from Keith back in the early 90s.  He had over two years to reflect on Y Tylwyth Teg/Dynion Mwyn and its validity before writing the letter.  Keith Morgan now Kim Morgan is not known for his grammar so you will have to read it as though he didn't have a great education.  We are eventually going to scan it as an image and place a link to it.  But here it is transcribed:

Lady Gwen Boudicca, Cardiff, Wales and Columbus, GA, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn

(Home address)
"Noddfa". Llithfaen,
Nr Pwllheli, Gwynedd LL53 6NN

(Address for Deosil Dance)

0758 85 444

21st August 1993ev.

Dear Rhyddlwm & Cerridwen,

Merry meet once again!

I received a very curious letter recently sent to my box number, I have enclosed a photocopy of it, I do not know how long its been hanging around, I only just got it in the post this last month. Can you shed any light on the matter? Anyway, how are you all over there in USA, things are hectic as ever over here, my books & the magazine have really taken of over here sufficient for me to concentrate totally upon the craft & to devote all my time to the magazine, my writings & my students.

I have enclosed a copy of my magazine for you to have a look at, now I have the new IBM Computer with DTP, life is so much easier!

On a personal level, my move to Doncaster was a disaster & I am now back in my old house Noddfa, in Llithfaen. Dianne & myself have split up now, & my Son John has gone to live with his mother. I now have a new partner, Anna, who is a High Priestess of the Craft so she compliments me perfectly & our magick together is wonderful.

A few years back you mentioned that you thought it would be viable for me to come down to one of your gatherings to give some talks etc, though nothing more ever came of it. Now as I have no family ties to speak of I am far easier able to come over whenever is convenient, please let me know if you still want me to come.

Anyway, I do hope that all is well over there & I do look forward to seeing you both again, & Anna looks forward to meeting you for the first time, I have told her a lot about you from when we met & she has read your books, so she is excited.

With all best Wishes

Keith Morgan



Guto Rhys is a very nasty person from Wales, who has done everything he possibly can to slander, defame and generally spread fraud and fictitious stories concerning Y Tylwyth Teg all over the internet.  He is a member of a loose knit Welsh Nationalist Extremist group which doesn't like the way the web master spells certain Welsh Words.  From what the internet investigators tell us, he is located in Wales, and it is alleged that he is guilty of various sexually sadistic acts involving child pornography.  But, at present these are just allegations and yet to have been proven.  It is suggested that if you receive an e-mail from him, immediately call the FBI since he is aiding and abetting forgery on the internet which is a felony here in the states and subject to extradition.  We are going to place a link to some of his e-mails here so bookmark this page.  They are very interesting and show what kind of person he really is.  

Lady Gwen Boudicca, Cardiff, Wales and Columbus, GA, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn



We have heard terrible stories about a person named James Cosby in Atlanta.  James Cosby has been described to us as a  pedophile who allegedly has abused female as well as male students.  James Cosby wrote an article in which he describes a fictitious experience with Dynion Mwyn.  He describes people who never existed during the 80s in which he sets his story. 

Our records show a James Cosby was kicked out of a introductory class in the 80s, for dishonorable activities as well as sexual offenses against other students.  I am referring to a written record of his alleged offenses, and we can only find a few students who remember James Cosby with distaste, but some say he is involved with child pornography.  It is alleged that James Cosby is fairly adept at forgeries and has placed several involving Dynion Mwyn on the internet.  We have only found one which might be attributed to him.  We have turned over the evidence to the authorities since forgery of any kind when it involves harm to a persons reputation, is a felony.  Who knows, we might see James Cosby behind Bars soon.

Lady Gwen Boudicca, Cardiff, Wales and Columbus, GA, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn



Just received this one.

"Hi, I am really hoping that you can bring a lawsuit against Betsy Ashby.  I have suffered at her hand also.  I was involved in a store in Charlottesville Va.  and also ran Charlottesville Beltaine Festival.  Betsy never put anything in writing against me so I have no cause or proof for a lawsuit.  However she spread rumors   when I disagreed with her policies and that of some of her friends. 

"She defamed me and my store. 

"Her friends opened a non-profit (which was not a registered or even applied for) and ran it under my name.  I reported them to the proper authorities and Betsy stepped in to protect her friends. 

"She used her contacts in the local police dept. to defame me and turned the story around by showing the police the records that I ran the festival in the past and was just trying to get even for them taking over festival. 

"She vouch-ed for the people who were running the non-profit that hadn't even been applied for and the police gave them a certain amount of time to apply for the non-profit even though they had already been collecting funds under the non-profit. 

"I am not sure how this all happened, but in the end although I who was trying to protect the community, I was defamed and financially ruined.  I was turned down admittance at festivals because she had put me on some pedaphile list.  When I called her about this she told me I would have to make a public apology to her friends and say whatever she wanted me to say or she would make me a outcast of the community. 

"When I told her she was lying and it would come around and everyone would find out she said "the pagan community will believe whatever I want them to believe, i have money, a newspaper and a lot of friends in high places."  I told her that if she did that I would press a lawsuit against her.  She never put anything in writing about me but i belive I was ruined by this woman and I believe another named Paula Jean West.

"I wonder how many people she has ruined or assisted friends to ruin so that Betsy Ashby could have a following.  I wish you much luck in pressing charges and getting justice for the things these people have done. 

"Blessings of the land,"


08/26/2009 - Yes M. we have heard over three dozen of similar stories related to us by victims of Betsy Ashby.  Some Victims are even getting together with others and performing Binding Rituals against her.



June 18, 2009

There is a person on alt.native posting as "Guardian".  She  is in the midst of a vicious attack on an old and honored lady named RunningWolf.  This person had taken a few threads here, a few threads there and attempted to make whole cloth.

I, in good faith, although it seems not as good an idea as I thought, found things on the internet about this Betsy Ashby aka "Betsy Shelby".

I regret I have caused you this ugliness.


Next.......July 16, 2009

Dear  Gentleperson.

I am not  Pagan, and am not sure what that is.

I am Traditional to the best of my abilities.

However, this non person has invaded alt.native, and her accusations, and false premises have contributed to my husbands suicide.

I have contacted the sheriff's dept here, but they  want her posts.

I am trying to supply them, but the more I read her filth, the more I get depressed over my beloved's  senseless death.

Please pray for my husband's spirit and that justice  in the law area can be done.

I am trying.

Sincerely, Norah RunningWolf


July 17, 2009 - The situation has been turned over to the Mohave County Sheriff's Dept.

Ms RunningWolf's husband has just committed suicide.  He was quite ill, and a very private person.  Many of us feel that his death was related in part to the abuse being heaped upon him and his wife.


More interesting reading about Betsy Ashby: an excellent source of info about Betsy Ashby more info about Betsy Ashby   again look on here about info on Betsy Ashby more of Betsys interference into Native American issues.;article=1158;title=Tennessee%20Indian%20People's%20Issues



Lady Gwen Boudicca


We have also seen "fake stories" which purported to have found Dynion Mwyn guilty of horrendous acts, but when we asked for proof, the persons who claim to have the proof, can't locate them.  To give you an example, myself, and one of the elders, Rhuddlwm Gawr was in a occult bookstore in Atlanta, and happened to strike up a conversation with a lady who seemed to be very knowledgeable.  Before he could introduce himself, she spied a copy of "The Quest", under his arm (It was written by that same Rhuddlwm Gawr.)  "Oh you shouldn't read that book" she said, "those people are all frauds and perverts.  "Oh really?" Rhuddlwm Gawr replied.  She continued, "Oh yes, I studied with them for several years but I left because Rhuddlwm Gawr raped me."  Rhuddlwm must have looked stunned, but she took his reaction as being outraged by the terrible accusation.  "Oh yes, they orally violated me and raped me in every way they could."  "Why didn't you go to the police?" Rhuddlwm Gawr asked.  "Oh, I didn't want to harm the Pagan community", she answered.  Rhuddlwm Gawr didn't know quite how to reply to these obvious lies since the lady didn't even know him by sight, but at that point, the proprietor looked up, saw him and greeted him with: "Rhuddlwm, your early.  Your workshop doesn't start for another hour."  The last we saw of the "lady", she ran out the door, jumped in her car, and drove away at great speed.   Needless to say, she stopped spreading false tales and slander, but there are still dozens of these sources around. 

We have heard terrible stories about many other well known Pagans which when we have investigated turn out to be nothing but fictitious gossip.  We think people have a tendency to listen to slander and lies for the same reason people like to read the National Inquirer and watch "All my Children" on TV, they can live vicariously through others.  Unfortunately, some Pagans embellish upon those same lies, and pass them on as the truth. 

It is a mystery to the Pagan Community why people spend more time inventing horrendous stories, than they do actually practicing the Art.  Every Pagan community around the world has their stories of Witch Wars and Flames of well know pagans.  We believe it is for the same reason people hack internet web sites and computer files.  Because they feel they are getting away with something, and it is an emotional  "rush".  Oh Well!

We have placed a Gease on anyone who stupidly slanders or defames Dynion Mwyn, Y Tylwyth Teg, Rhuddlwm Gawr, Cerridwen Gawr and anyone else from our joint traditions.  Ask an authentic Witch what a Gease is.  It is a Curse.  We reinforce it every week.  It will continue to grow stronger and stronger until those people who continue to slander us, disappear from this world and reality.  They don't need to breath the same air as honorable Pagans.  Who knows maybe magick will work.  UPDATE!! As this text is placed on the site, two of the mentioned slanderers are no longer with us! They are facing trial by ordeal in Gwlad yr Hav!!



Lady Gwen Boudicca, Cardiff, Wales and Columbus, GA, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes  THE GATHERING OF THE TRIBES

Y Tylwyth Teg and Rhuddlwm Gawr sponsored the Original Pagan Gathering of the Tribes in 1967.  Click Here to See History. Some groups are using the text from the Original Gathering of the Tribes Web Site and Y Tylwyth Teg Gathering Brochures. Who cares?!  In 1971, the Church of Y Tylwyth Teg relocates to Georgia and organizes the 5th annual Gathering of the Tribes in Kennesaw GA.   On pages 384 and 385 of the first printing (published in 1979, and on page 432 in the newest printing, (published in 2006) of Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler,  she mentions the 12th annual Gathering of the Tribes she attended at Unicoi State Park, Georgia, in 1978 organized by the Church of Y Tylwyth Teg and the Association of Cymry Wicca. 

In 1991, Betsy Ashby, attended the 25th annual Gathering of the Tribes.  She plagiarized The Name, Wording and Text from the printed Gathering of the Tribes material and returned to Virginia to form her own Gathering of the Tribes.  The Y Tylwyth Teg/Dynion Mwyn Gathering Web pages and brochures have remained substantially the same since 1977.  We still have Betsy Ashby's festival application.  In it she states that she owned a occult shop, Out Of The Dark. But she claims to have the Original Gathering of the Tribes.  I don't know how old Betsy Ashby is, but she was probably a teenager getting in trouble in 1978, and from speaking to her acquaintances, she wasn't interested in Paganism until she owned a Occult Shop in the  1990s.

There are stories that Betsy Ashby has allegedly been involved with sexual abuse of young girls in Virginia, sexual harassment, Plagerization, criminal coercion, theft of intellectual property, slander, defamation, and other accusations which the Church could not verify.  Betsy Ashby has allegedly been accused by Native American Cherokee sources of Fraud.  This is a terrible accusation, since these people had no idea of her past history and have allegedly given her thousands of dollars under false pretenses. 

We have e-mail allegations that Betsy Ashby coerced and mentally abused a young girl in Georgia.  Although we have copies of the horrible e-mails, we feel we need incontrovertible proof.  In the meantime these stories should be considered damning but only interesting, .  When confronted by questions about Betsy Ashby's Plagerization, and her claims that she was holding the only Gathering of the Tribes, she just laughed and said everything is fair in business advertising and since she was not a Pagan, Karma didn't apply to her.

Betsy Ashby placed a page on her web site claiming that we had plagiarized her page.  LOL LOL  Go to the DM Page at and look for any evidence of Plagerization.  Of course, you won't find any.  According to Lady Cerridwen of Y Tylwyth Teg, Betsy Ashby's position in the Pagan community is irrelevant and unimportant since she has violated too many trusts. 

In our opinion, Betsy Ashby is without honor.  We have linked to several e-mails she has sent to individuals that will demonstrate her true nature.

Betsy Ashby claims that Y Tylwyth Teg, Rhuddlwm Gawr and Lady Cerridwen Gawr sponsored some kind of sex trips to Thailand.  LOL LOL LOL

Rhuddlwm Gawr, Cerridwen Gawr, Y Tylwyth Teg, or Dynion Mwyn have never been to Thailand, never sponsored sex trips to Thailand, or been involved in such.

At one time at the request by one of our members, a link was placed in our travel section to a vacation site purporting to sponsor Gay and Lesbian, etc. vacations to Asia.  When we found there was questions about the travel companies ethical purposes, we of course took down the offending link.   Upon further investigation, we found that the accusations against the company were false, but we felt that since we are a family site, we just didn't want that sort of connection.  Betsy Ashby of course then had a chance to lie and say they "sponsored" the trips.  You'd make George Bush Proud, Betsy!

She has so many outrageous and untrue slander on her site, we go there from time to time to get a good laugh.  Thailand.  Uh Huh.   I have known Rhuddlwm for several years.  I asked around.  All I heard was "How come I never heard about sex trips to Thailand? He never had any trips mentioned on his Vacation Page that I could see.  Belize - Yes.  I even went to Belize using one of his linked travel agencies.  Great Time."

The Gathering of the Tribes has received e-mail's from participants of DM festivals comparing other Festivals.  See

You will find a sample of letters received recently.  REMEMBER, always investigate for yourself, do NOT take the word of anyone.  Use your common sense.  Call or e-mail any groups mentioned and ask them to verify claims with names, dates , locations, etc. to verify the claims.  Don't let people lie to you just because it sounds plausible.  Click HERE to avoid Charlatans.

Lord Taliesin, Atlanta, GA, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn

Betsy Ashby slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr


Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes   WHAT CAN YOU DO TO FIGHT SLANDER AND WITCH WARS?

Alright, you see that some people can be a danger to the Pagan community.  WHAT CAN YOU DO?  These people are mentally ill and extremely dangerous! The following precautions will help to protect you from the destructive acts of which they are capable. First, to recognize them, keep the following guidelines in mind:

(1) They are habitual liars. They seem incapable of either knowing or telling the truth about anything.

(2) They are egotistical to the point of narcissism. They really believe they are set apart from the rest of humanity by some special grace.

(3) They scapegoat; they are incapable of either having the insight or willingness to accept responsibility for anything they do. Whatever the problem, it is always someone else's fault.

(4) They are remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed.

(5) Genuine religious, moral, or other values play no part in their lives. They have no empathy for others and are capable of violence. Under older psychological terminology, they fall into the category of psychopath or sociopath, but unlike the typical psychopath, their behavior is masked by a superficial social facade.

If you have come into conflict with such a person or persons, do the following immediately!

(1) Notify your friends and relatives of what has happened. Do not be vague. Name names, and specify dates and circumstances. Identify witnesses if possible and provide supporting documentation if any is available.

(2) Inform the police. The police will do nothing with this information except to keep it on file, since they are powerless to act until a crime has been committed. Unfortunately, that often is usually too late for the victim. Nevertheless, place the information in their hands.

Obviously, if you are assaulted or threatened before witnesses, you can get a restraining order, but those are palliative at best.

(3) Local law enforcement agencies are usually under pressure, so include state and federal agencies as well and tell the locals that you have. In my own experience, one agency that can help in a pinch is the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service or (in Canada) Victims Services at your local police unit. It is not easy to think of the IRS as a potential friend, but a Swedish study showed that malignant types (the Swedes called them bullies) usually commit some felony or other by the age of twenty. Many felonies involve tax evasion, and in such cases, the IRS is interested indeed. If large amounts of money are involved, the IRS may solve all your problems for you. For obvious reasons the Drug Enforcement Agency may also be an appropriate agency to approach. The FBI is an important agency to contact, because although the FBI does not have jurisdiction over murder or assault, if informed, they do have an active interest in any other law enforcement agencies that do not follow through with an honest investigation and prosecution should a murder occur. Civil rights are involved at that point. No local crooked lawyer, judge, or corrupt police official wants to be within a country mile if that comes to light! It is in such cases that psychopaths discover just how firm the "friends" they count on to cover up for them really are! Even some of the drug cartel biggies will scuttle for cover if someone picks up the brick their thugs hide under. Exposure is bad for business.

(4) Make sure that several of your friends have the information in the event something happens to you. That way, an appropriate investigation will follow if you are harmed. Don't tell other people who has the information, because then something bad could happen to them as well. Instruct friends to take such an incident to the newspapers and other media.

In our dealings with Malignant Personalities over the years we have done all the above.

Lady Gwen Boudicca, Cardiff, Wales and Columbus, GA, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes   INVESTIGATING RUMORS AND GOSSIP

Always check your sources when investigating rumors and gossip.  Ask for evidence which is usually a signed statement by a real person and not just a copy of a copy.  By putting a signature to a claim, the person is giving their word that the information is correct.  If you lie or give false evidence, even if it is by good intentions, you can find yourself charged with Criminal Defamation in Georgia, which is punishable by 1 to 5 years in prison, beside civil penalties.  This especially applies to web pages and e-mails since they also fall under national criminal statutes of conspiracy and fraud, and involve the FBI.

Since Georgia has a long arm statute, these criminals can be charged in their home state and extradited to Georgia.  You usually find that such information is being spread just to hurt another party and there is little or no truth to it.

Be careful what you send by e-mail.  All e-mail can be traced, according to the FBI agent who we talked to.  He stated that all ISP and e-mail providers are required to keep a record of all e-mail transactions for three years.  This includes originating node (PC number , telephone number, Cable node number, Router number, or other id)  It is impossible to send an e-mail anymore without being identified, even if you use a so called safe program that is supposed to hide your e-mail address.  That worked for almost a year.  Now the FBI has required all ISP's and e-mail providers to allow the FBI to access ALL traffic from whatever source. 

Warning, because of the recent problems with terrorist threats involving the World Trade Center attack, defamation, slander, attempts to hack this site, and other illegal activities perpetrated by persons unknown, all traffic to and from various sites are being monitored from time to time, by State and federal authorities.  Is this fair? Is this just?  Is this freedom?  Of Course Not.  But big brother is here to stay as long as we are in a "State of War".  Just a word of warning:  If you get your kicks by sending threatening e-mail, slander and defamation, you might wish to reconsider. 

Always be careful that what you are talking about, is verifiable.  Always ask for evidence and record any comments made by the person as to their content and date.  Then check the person.  It doesn't make any difference how well you know the person, they are usually spreading unverifiable gossip that they had heard from someone else who heard it from a disgruntled pagan who wants to "get back" at someone.

Also beware of someone who claims to have mountains of evidence of a criminal activity.  If they did, they would be violating the law by NOT turning it over to the police or federal authorities.  Obviously, they don't have such evidence or someone would be prosecuted.  Also beware of anyone who will not give you the evidence of such criminal wrongdoing.  Ask for copies of anything you see or hear about.  Ask them to SIGN a statement that they are sending you the information.

All Dynion Mwyn teachers record all phone calls made to them.  In Georgia we don't have to let the other party know.

Lady Gwen Boudicca, Cardiff, Wales and Columbus, GA, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes WHAT IS EVIDENCE?

Evidence in the case of slander and defamation charges, is original sworn testimony, in a court of law, or a deposition, signed and dated by witnesses and/or the alleged wronged party; it is e-mail sent by the terrorist; it is comments made to a third party slandering another.   It is also sworn testimony in written documents prepared by the perpetrator.  Copies of "transcripts" can be altered and forged.  It is also against the law to use fraudulent documents for purposes of slander and defamation even if you did not know the documents were fraudulent.  Many copies of documents accusing individuals of this crime or that unethical practice, are circulating around the pagan community that are forged.  Each person who reads and passes on slander from these documents is committing state and federal crimes.   Forged documents are usually not signed, and if signed, they will not usually have a date and a notary stamp.  It is a federal crime to forge such documents and circulate them by mail, e-mail or even showing them to a person from a different state.   The key here is verifiable evidence.

Lord Taliesin, Columbus GA and San Francisco, CA

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes PLAGIARISM

Betsy Ashby, who attended the Gathering of the Tribes in 1991 near Atlanta Georgia (her registration form is on file), returned to Virginia and allegedly copied not only the idea and the name, but also material out of the gathering brochures and gathering material.  Betsy Ashby is also alleged to have copied the Church's 1992 Gathering Web Page which is alleged to be the basis for her Gathering Page today.  Shame on you Betsy.  You should have used your intelligence to help the Pagan community and not yourself!!  Click Here to Avoid Charlatans.

It is a fact and documented that The Church together with others in Maryland and D.C. sponsored the first national Pagan Gathering of the Tribes.  Anyone who states differently is mistaken or just blatantly lying.

You may have noticed that several Pagan Web Sites are using The Church's material without citing the correct author.  Especially those dealing with a Gathering of the Tribes.  The Church has used the term Gathering of the Tribes in a Pagan Festival Context for over thirty years; (See History) first in Washington DC and Maryland in 1967 through 1970 and then in Georgia and the Southeast from 1971 through today.   There is a copyright associated with the name Gathering of the Tribes, but it has nothing to do with a festival and is a magazine in New York.  There is a claim of a Gathering of the Tribes held in California during the late 70's but it was not pagan, it was held by Timothy Leary and his LSD group.  So there is an ethical consideration involved in trying to claim the Virginia gathering is the original Pagan Gathering of the Tribes (since they are not Pagan) and their use of The Church's material. 

Lady Dana and Lord Rhuddlwm held the first Pagan Gathering of the Tribes in the Western Maryland forests in March 1967.  In all research through Pagan Archives, the Church's staff believes this is the first Pagan Gathering of the Tribes mentioned.  But hey, so what.  There are now forty seven (47) Gathering of the Tribes throughout the United States and two (2) in Great Britain.

Lord Taliesin, Columbus GA and San Francisco, CA

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes FORGERY (From Blacks Law Dictionary)

A person who is connected to Guto Rhys (see above) has committed a fraud through forgery of a document purportedly written by a elder in Y Tylwyth Teg.  Let's determine if this is a serious matter.  The following is from Blacks Law Dictionary and has been cross checked with International Law and Georgia State law which both apply:

A person is guilty of forgery if, with purpose to defraud or injure anyone, or with knowledge that he is facilitating a fraud or injury to be perpetrated by anyone, the actor (a) alters any writing of another without his authority; or (b) makes, completes, executes, authenticates, issues or transfers any writing so that it purports to be the act of another who did not authorize the act, or to have have been executed at a time and place or in a numbered sequence other than was in fact the case, or to be a copy of an original when no such original existed; or (c) utters any writing which he knows to be forged in a manner specified in paragraph (a) or (b).   Model Penal Code 224.1.  Crime includes both act of forging handwriting of another and act of uttering as true and genuine any forged writing knowing same to be forged with intent to prejudice, damage or defraud any person.  State v. May, 93 Idaho 343, 461, P.2d 126 129.  Crime is committed when one makes or passes a false instrument with intent to defraud, and the element loss or detriment is immaterial.  People Vs McAffery, 182 Cal.App.2d 486, 6 Cal.Rptr. 333, 337.  The false making of an instrument, which purports on face of it to be good and valid for purposes which it was created, with a design to defraud any person or persons.   State v Goranson, 67 Wash.2d. 456, 408 P.2d 7, 9.

Lord Taliesin, Columbus GA and San Francisco, CA

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes FAIRI GOLD & CLAIMS OF PRIOR USE

As with most pagan organizations, Dynion Mwyn accepts articles and information in good faith.  A certain amount of material was donated to the Welsh Witchcraft Page by Taliesin Wynne, and Robert Martin, teachers of Dynion Mwyn, a Welsh tradition, between 1979 and 1998.  Other information was donated by various students and interested parties over the last thirty years.

A group called  Fairy Gold claims that certain material on our web site is copyrighted by various pagan authors in the 90s.  The Church has published several books containing the text in question, which are listed in BOWKER'S Books-in-Print.  CLICK HERE TO SEE Y TYLWYTH TEG BOOKS! These books have been in publication, from the 70s and contain copyrights that are from the late 70s and early 80s.  Hmmm, these Faerie's must be able to time travel!!!  At the same time the Church states they do not have much respect for groups that claim a history from authentic traditions, but in fact are plagiarized from books by Max Freedom Long and other sources.  Shame.  Why don't you really tell where the Fari tradition comes from?!!

From time to time The Church receives e-mails from unknown parties who claim to have written articles which have been posted to the Church's web page, but never offer proof.  In fact they never give their legal name or address. 


The Church has a hard time dealing with people who hide behind the internet, make claims, and think they are safe from prosecution or legal action. 



The Church is therefore asking the Pagan community at large to please send The Church information regarding copyrighted material claimed by the Church and on other web sites or pages.  Also send the Church information about anyone claiming authorship of any of the material on the Church's website. 

Finally, if you have verifiable evidence that anyone associated with the Fari Gold group or the Betsy Ashby group or Michael Marra, or a Robin Artisson has been involved in sexual perversions, child sexual abuse, spousal abuse, rape, murder, conspiracy to intimidate and coerce, theft of intellectual property, please contact your local law enforcement agency and please copy us in a note.  We need to put these terrible rumors about these people to rest.

The Church believes in "The Balance", which states:  "For every good thing The Church tries to do, there are evil people trying to harm the work of The Church."  These people may be the fanatical religious right, misguided and power hungry pagan leaders, disgruntled students who want to get back at someone for an imagined wrong, and of course the ever popular ego tripping boaster who wants to make points with what he or she perceives as the Pagan Power Structure.

So have a nice peaceful visit.  There are over 2,000 pages on our site now, most are information pages, and if you can access it in your browser, most of it is available to download.  Blessed be and may the gods protect you from the ignorance and hatred of others.  Go in Love.

Lady Boudicca, Columbus GA and San Francisco, CA and RFCSE Staff

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes JURY AWARDS 11.3 MILLION DOLLARS OVER DEFAMATORY POST

Our attorney sent us the following article from USA Today.  It is an article about a Florida Jury which awarded a woman $11.3 million dollars over defamatory internet posts.  Our attorney has been involved in preparing a case for us against several individuals within the US and in the UK who should be found guilty of the same sort of behavior.

Excerpts From USA Today:

A Florida woman has been awarded $11.3 million in a defamation lawsuit against a Louisiana woman who posted messages on the internet accusing her of being a "crook" a "con artist" and a "fraud."

Legal analysts say the Sept. 19 award by a jury in Broward County, Fla - first reported Friday by the Daily Business Review - represents the largest such judgement over postings on an internet blog or message board.  Lyrissa Lidsky, a University of Florida law professor who specializes in free-speech issues, calls the award "astonishing."

Lidsky says the case could represent a coming trend in court fights over online messages because the woman who won the damage award......pursued the case even though she knew the defendant.....has no hope of paying such an award.

The plaintiff said she wanted to make a point to those who unfairly criticize others on the internet.  She stated that the message is strong and clear: "people are using the internet to destroy people they don't like, and you can't do that."

"The jury determined this was a significant enough issue.  Its not just somebody's feelings are hurt; its somebody's reputation is ruined."

We at Dynion Mwyn also feel that certain individuals have been guilty of the same sort of behavior in regards to various Pagan group's reputation.  So we retained an attorney and have even posted a reward for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction and/or judgement against those certain individuals.  So far we have received a great deal of information.

The moral of the story is The Internet is Becoming a Place Where the First Amendment may no longer be cited when a character assassination is involved.

So be careful what you post on your message boards or Blogs or web pages.  It will come back to haunt you.  Big Brother is watching over your shoulder as you read this and type an answer.  Every keystroke you type on your computer is being recorded somewhere.

Even though this judgement helps our case, it takes away a little more of our freedom.

Lord Taliesin, Columbus GA and San Francisco, CA

Betsy Ashby Lied and Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Stole the name Gathering of the Tribes $5,000 REWARD

To Whom It May Concern:

Beginning in 2003

Students of Dynion Mwyn, after beginning their studies and joining the DM General Study Group, were subject to threats attempting to intimidate them into leaving the study group, by people using what we would describe as terrorist methods. These people refused to disclose their true identities, and under this cloak of deceit; became bold enough to break the law on several occasions. Their status as a 'hidden identity' also gave them a confrontational and aggressive false bravado, as they believed that even if they did commit illegal acts, no one will be able to find them to prosecute them.   These people joined the DM General Group using aliases, harvested e-mail addresses and then unsubscribed.

Luckily, here in the United States we have recently-passed laws on the books to address this and other such cowardly behavior.

Each person must decide what it true, and which path to take; we have no agenda in turning anyone one way or another. We are for the most part United States Citizens with the inalienable right of freedom of religion; and therefore free to worship as we see fit. This particular issue not only is the catalyst for the birth of this country, but also is the cornerstone of our Constitution.   No one will decide what we can and cannot do, or with whom we can or cannot associate.  Criminals named below, be warned: We will continue to use our resources in this manner until you are convicted.

For information leading to the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of the following

Cenedl y Cymry, aka ysgolgyfunllangefni
Victoria Van Houden, aka celtwitch_cal
Y_gair, aka y_gair

Hu Gadarn - The Goat of Mendez
Guto Rhys
Betsy Ashby
Michael Marra
Stuart A'Herne
James Cosby
Ysgol Llangefni
Mike Gwynn
Idwal Jones
Iorwerth ap Idwal
Taliesin Yeti
Gruff Reec
Anthony Palazzo, aka Robin Artisson
Keith Morgan, aka Kimberly Morgan
Gryffudd, aka kernewekdrelyther

and anyone else who originated or passes on the following violations:

For violations of the United States Violence Against Women and Department of Justice
Reauthorization Act of 2005, Section 113 including:

Libel; Criminal defamation; Invasion of Privacy; Internet Harassment ; Internet "Cyber-Stalking";
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; Ongoing Annoyance by "Alter Ego" Personas

And for violations under Georgia State Law (Georgia Criminal Codes 51-5-1 to 51-5-5) and
California State Law (California Penal Code 646.9) including, respectively:

Defamation With Malice
Felony Stalking

Information we seek concerning the above individuals includes but is not limited to:

1. Full Legal Names
2. Dates of Birth and/or Other Unique Identifying Information
3. Current Known Whereabouts; Specifically Residence Addresses
4. Location(s) and/or Identification of Computer(s) Used To Post and Email
5. Immediate Family Member's Names, Including Spouse, Parents, Children, Partners,
Brothers, Sisters, and/or Any Other Close Relatives
6. Whereabouts and Contact Information for the Above Family Members
7. Names, Locations, and Contact Information of Friends and Associates Outside of the
United States
8. Names, Locations, and Contact Information of Friends and Associates Within the United
9. Affiliation Information Including University Enrollments, Current Employer(s), Main
Place of Business, Church Memberships, Club Memberships, Other Society Memberships, Other

Knowing that not all information will facilitate a conviction of these individuals; the offeror of this
reward reserves the right to determine the amount, if any that will be rewarded for your
information. All information should be submitted via email query to determine if it qualifies for a
reward. We have obtained much of the above information already, and are currently seeking
verification of such, as well as new information on the above individuals. PLEASE QUERY to
see if we already have your piece of information. The dollar amount of partial rewards will be
determined by the offeror, and all decisions are final. Anonymous information is acceptable, and
when verified and determined by the offeror to be instrumental to the arrest, prosecution
and/or conviction of the above persons, will earn the same reward as information disclosed under
your true legal identity.

In US, submit information to: Lord Taliesin, Legal Rep. Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn, Inc. c/o

In UK, submit information to: Lady Gwen Boudicca, Legal Rep. Church of Dynion Mwyn c/o


Click on the button below if you wish to donate to our legal fight against religious persecution.


There have been visitors to this page since January 1, 2005

Mailing Address: Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn, P.O. Box 673206, Marietta, GA 30006-0036


Betsy Ashby lancebar
Betsy Ashby Moon

Betsy Ashby slandered Rhuddlwm gawr and stole our name of Gathering of the Tribes

Betsy Ashby Slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr and Y Tylwyth TegDISCLAIMER - IMPORTANT - READ BELOW


Please take note:

Nothing on this page represents or reflects the beliefs or opinions of the Religious Freedom Coalition of the Southeast, nor their service providers.

The letters and articles quoted above were received from people, representing third parties, and we have no way of proving or disproving what they say. The owners and service providers of this website or domain are not the author of these letters or articles. The individuals being exposed have trolled under many names, and of the ones that there is any uncertainty of, the authors are still willing to believe these slanderers wrote them. 

Anything you see revealed here at this site should be taken as information from a third party, hearsay, unproveable, possible rumor - this information is provided pursuant to the right to make public letters in possession - and to make opinions clear about what is felt about these sad, pathetic people. This is an exercise in free speech, opinion, and even a touch of satire in the commentary. Nothing on this page is to be taken as anything other than opinion, based on things heard and seen.

The Religious Freedom Coalition of the Southeast (RFCSE) is a non-advocacy Religious site paid for with volunteer labor and edited by a non-affiliated U.S. citizen.  The RFCSE site was published beginning on February 1, 1999.   No Permission is required by the RFCSE, for reprinting.  But permission by originating authors may be needed.  The duration of the working links are not under our control.  RFCSE has not reviewed all of the sites linked to our site and is not responsible for the content of any off-site pages or any other sites linked to our site. Your linking to any other off-site pages or other sites from our site is at your own risk.

All articles and descriptions of persons or organizations on this page, are the responsibility of  the submitter.  The Religious Freedom Coalition of the Southeast, Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn, the association of Cymry Wicca and all others who provide hosting for this page, bear no legal responsibility for any errors.   But we will immediately investigate all claims of mistakes or errors, and if such a claim is found to be with merit, we will remove an error.  But, if the claim of an error is found meritless, we will bill the the claimant for the cost of researching the claim, and if warranted, seek redress in the court system.  Any attempt to interfere with our first amendment right of opinion and free expression will be met with the full force of the U. S. Court system.

Even though we have been attacked by Right Wing extremists, pseudo-Christian apologists, and other fringe elements of the Christian Right and Left, we still exist because of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.   We have been threatened by some, that we will be sued for exposing religious bigotry and hate.  Since we have no assets, but a great deal of voluntary legal support, we will welcome each attempt to silence us, as an opportunity to expose, in open court, the characteristics and lies of these so called "religious leaders.  We will feel free to request an extensive production of documents.

Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, who were deists (not Christians), helped frame the Constitution of The United States of American and placed language in the First Amendment to guarantee Religious Rights for all Americans.  We will uphold that tradition.


Betsy Ashby slandered Rhuddlwm Gawr

For information on all individuals and organizations listed in this website, or the name of a contact person in your area that can give you further information on the Religious Freedom Coalition of the Southeast, or the First Amendment Coalition, call us at 000-000-0000 If you access our voice mail, we will call you back collect if long distance.

Or, you can write to: RFCSE, P.O. Box 673206, Marietta, GA 30006-0036

Return to the Religious Freedom Homepage

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