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Goddess imageCroeso I Paganiaeth Cymreig. Welcome seeker.  We are the Welsh tradition of Dynion Mwyn. This Introduction is in response to your search for a spiritual path which may be the Religion of Gwyddon.. 

So, do you want to be a Witch?  Why?  What do you have to offer us and the Craft?  Are you trustworthy?   Are you loyal?  Are you sincere? 

We ask those questions, because our religion is important to us and we have to be certain that you will treat it with respect and honor. Since no Witchcraft Coven ever seeks out members, we must wait until seekers come to us.  And, they must convince us that they are sincere and dedicated to the search for truth. That is why we carefully screen all who come searching for initiation into the Craft.



















rhuddlwm gawr, wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  WHAT WILL YOU GET OUT OF LEARNING ABOUT THE DYNION MWYN PATH?

1.  We will help you discover your full potential

  • We will help you discover inner peace and expanded awareness. You’ll read informative articles, link to fascinating videos, and inspirational stories. You’ll also get free mind power training …plus meditation training, personal development training and much more.

  • In other words, we’ll provide the training, tools and information that can transform your life in almost every way. You just need to put it all into action…

2.  You can help us co create a better world

  • We provide knowledge of consciousness and mind power, and teach ways you can tap into the collective consciousness to help improve your life, both individually and collectively.

  • All we ask is you keep an open mind …and if our philosophy resonates with you.  Follow your own truth.

  • We are not here to brainwash you…we are here to help you find answers.

3.  You can share our knowledge

  • We also plan to see how we can work together collectively to make a difference, which should be a lot of fun …but we can also start working together today…

  • If you read an article you like, please share the knowledge with others.

  • Get involved, leave constructive comments. With your feedback and support, we can provide a community with life changing training and resources.

  • Or maybe you’re an expert in developing the mind, body or spirit through witchcraft? Send us a e-mail to find out how we can work together.

4.  You will of course have the satisfaction of knowing you are joining an ancient Secret Society.  

5.  You will be taught how to use your Psychic Power which is your birthright. 

6.  You will discover a Spiritual Path you have been searching for all your life.

7.  You will be taught Natural Magick.

8.  You will be taught how to bring prosperity into your life.

9.  You will conquer your fears.

10.  You will learn how to Dream Walk (Astral Travel)

11.  You will learn how to communicate with animals.

12.  You will be Initiated into the Mysteries

After she was given her final Initiation, one of our elders said:

"My life now holds infinite possibilities, and satisfies to me on all planes of consciousness.   I now have power to move in other dimensions and realms of being. I now can communicate with entities of different life forms.  I have developed new magickal Psychic gifts within myself.   I have awakened my latent powers of ESP.  I have acquired the knowledge and the ability to bring about anything I really want in my own life.  I can now experience forms of pleasures whose very existence was unknown to me before my initiation. I have conquered fear. I have learned of the ordered pattern behind apparently unrelated things."

The craft is a way of life, not just a hobby to fill up the spare hours of your day. We take our time and look at each applicant as if we would be spending the rest of our lives with them.   We then have enough time to sift through all the e-mail notes and letters we receive, to find the ones we feel are truly serious. This delay will also give you time to decide if the craft is something you really wish to become involved in, or if you just want to satisfy your curiosity. By giving you the time to reflect, we can both find a good match.

As we find out more about you and you find out more about us, we can come to know if your path is compatible with our ways. If you are not, we will then be able to direct you to a path which better allows for your personal and spiritual growth. If your path is to join with us, then we can grow and learn together.

Many thanks for taking the time to read thiswe hope you decide to stay with us so we can evolve together

rhuddlwm gawr, wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  WHAT IS DYNION MWYN?

Dynion Mwyn is a a Pre-Gardnerian Religion founded near Betws-y-coed, Cymru (Wales) in the 1300s, Modernized in Wales in the 1950s and 60s and brought to the United States in 1967.  Dynion Mwyn is the basis for  the Welsh tradition which was legally incorporated as a church in the state of Georgia in 1977 by Lord Rhuddlwm Gawr. (Click Here to Go to ORIGINS)

The Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn, Inc. was also established to provide a legal basis for the Dynion Mwyn tradition.  We have been recognized as a church by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and an Administrative Court of the United States federal government. Our focus is on the teaching of the ancient Welsh mysteries with a healthy dose of information from other sources as well.

We claim a real mystical lineage from the Bards of the last true Prince of Wales, Llywelyn Y Llyw Olaf, who died in 1282.  His druid bards collected the knowledge of the tradition and hid the sacred knowledge.  This knowledge was passed down from generation to generation among a few Welsh families and was almost lost because of religious persecutions.

Legend says our tradition includes the Welsh Mysteries that were passed down to Y Dynion Mwyn from an ancient priesthood. This legend also concerns the search for the Mystical Grail of Immortality. For this reason, we believe Welsh Witchcraft, is one of the world's oldest Mystery traditions. Although the principal legends and secrets containing the language, symbols and philosophy of the tradition, have changed little over the centuries, they have changed. This legacy embodies our customs, history and religious sacraments. It has changed by making its precepts more understandable to you in this modern age, and we are always experimenting to see if there are better ways of doing things.

Ancient Pictish Witches and Welsh Druids passed on their spiritual, mystical and magickal knowledge of the mysteries of Nature to our forefathers over a thousand years ago, and until this day it has existed in Wales.

Finally after the Witchcraft Laws were repealed, a North Wales Coven was established in the late fifties from the remnants of what was called the Wynne tradition or Dynion Mwyn. Two Wentworth covens were established in the sixties; one near Cardiff and the other outside London England.  A Coven and Grove was also established in Central Wales.  In 1967 it was also brought to the U.S. by a craft elder, and we have dozens of groups throughout the States..

rhuddlwm gawr, wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  OUR PURPOSE

Dynion Mwyn  has the following goals:

1.) To Promote the Welsh language and culture by: providing or coordinating performing arts and literary events at the Gathering of the Tribes, offering on-line language classes, and using the language and participating in Celtic festivals and other community events.

2.) To enhance relations between the US and Wales Pagans by being a point of contact for visitors, and ex-patriots.  We warmly welcome travelers and offer assistance and networking as needed.  

3. To enhance relations with the other Celtic nations by supporting other Celtic Pagan groups. We ask that they support us in turn.

4.) To provide a haven for those who believe in the Old Welsh Gods, worshiping them, and keeping their Sabbats sacred; 

5.) To help individuals holistically develop their potential spiritual, intellectual, psychic, emotional, physical and artistic abilities;

6.) To Honor and Work with the world of nature; to cherish, protect, and cooperate with it in every way both internally and externally; and

7.) To train certain seekers to become dynamic, knowledgeable and powerful High Priestess's and High Priests

Dynion Mwyn Members share a philosophy of belief that "all life is interconnected and sacred". This belief is the heart of our religion. Following the Gwyddon Way involves applying and living this belief, which has evolved and developed over the past thousand years.  We live by the THE 10 DYNION MWYN PRINCIPLES  A central part of this philosophy is the observance of eight seasonal festivals during the year, resulting in deep connections built between ourselves and the Gods of of Nature and Spirit.  At other times we meet to work, study, meditate and enjoy each other's company. These meetings are called Circles and are usually held every two weeks.  Additionally, Esbats - Moon Rituals, are held at the time of the Full Moon every month.  Individual members and Covens exist in many countries worldwide.

rhuddlwm gawr, wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  HOW WE ARE ORGANIZED

Dynion Mwyn has grown to be an international religious movement and has numerous sister covens throughout the United States, Africa, Australia and Western Europe including Great Britain. The Church is organized around an Inner and Outer Circle, with the Outer Circle representing those members who are studying for initiation and the Inner Circle which is composed of Initiated Gwyddon (Welsh Witches).

As to coven hierarchy, our ranking officers are the High Priest and High Priestess. According to traditional Witch Laws, their word is law in the coven, since they have years of experience in these matters. They are assisted by other senior members of the coven or grove, whose rank will be explained to you at a later time.

These officers answer to a council of Elders made up of High Priests and High Priestesses of third level or higher of other Dynion Mwyn covens.

rhuddlwm gawr, wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER WITCHCRAFT GROUPS

Our tradition has a Welsh Lineage and History which goes back hundreds of years.  It didn't just appear.  We came to the United States from Wales in the 60s, and have grown quite a bit since then.

Among the many characteristics that distinguish Y Dynion Mwyn from other traditions of Witchcraft are: a strong emphasis on the shamanic trance experience, through drumming, meditation, and sensual awareness; the acknowledgment of an ecstatic journey to Faerieland through the art of Shape-Shifting; a path of sexual mysticism; the use of the Welsh language, bardic poetry and liturgical material in ritual and worship; acknowledgment of Welsh deities and archetypes specific to the Tradition;. a strong identification with the realms of Fairy; the generation of Fairy Power; a unique assignment of the elements of air, earth, fire, and water to the four directions; the principle of the Three Selves; a robe and cingulum of specific colors which represents the level or degree of attainment; visualization of a blue flame of protection; a tribal and clan experience in the coven; and veneration of the warrior ethic. Our tradition does not coddle the weak, support those who are insincere, or tolerate dishonor. Y Dynion Mwyn is gender equal.

Because of an ecstatic Shamanistic emphasis, there is more risk of mental disturbance than in Wiccan traditions, which only work with the fertility aspect. There are uncertain boundaries and unseen dangers in this dimension of the spirit which we call Faerieland because the Trance State takes us into a different state of reality. Tree Spirits, Gnomes and fairies dwell there, and you must be careful how you deal with them. For this reason, our tradition is not for everybody, and it is not open to mass attendance.

The Y Dynion Mwyn religious philosophy includes a deep respect for the wisdom of Nature, a love of natural beauty, a manifestation of bardic creativity, and the practice of Celtic Shamanism. This is in contrast to traditions which practice only psychodrama through ritual.

Y Dynion Mwyn, in common with other initiatory traditions of the Craft is a mystery religion of Love, Knowledge and Power, resulting in the mystery of physical, mental and spiritual ecstasy, and a direct communication with the divine. Our Gods are not forces from the collective unconscious; they are REAL. Thus, we have the responsibility to respect them and help them just as we do to our human Mother and Father.

Y Dynion Mwyn uses a specific collection of Welsh chants and ritual tradition, which provide a framework for our Circles. The Magickal events are triggered by the participants entering into a psychic state of sensitivity. Rituals are diverse and passed down from the ancient Welsh tribe of Dynion Mwyn, although we have borrowed from other Celtic sources as well. Y Dynion Mwyn has a initiatory lineage, traceable to the Bards of Prince Llewellyn of Wales.

To discover the origins of British Wicca and Welsh Witchcraft, go to http://www.dynionmwyn.net/SecretHistory.html

rhuddlwm gawr, wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan   WHO IS TALIESIN EINION VAWR AND RHUDDLWM GAWR?

In January, 2000, after an extended illness, Taliesin Wynne, one of two surviving elders of the Dynion Mwyn Welsh Family Gwyddon (Witchcraft) tradition, died quietly in his sleep.

Taliesin was born in the forests of North Wales in 1927. During his first thirteen years, because of his father's government position, the family traveled throughout Europe. They returned to England in 1938, and the children were sent to live with relatives in Wales. In September, 1940, their father and mother were killed in the Blitz bombing of London during the Battle of Britain. He and his sister were taken in and raised by an uncle and auntie in a small village in the North of Wales. It was here they learned of his families heritage of Druidism and Witchcraft as they met Y Tylwyth Teg (welsh fairies) at Fairy Ring near Betws y Coed, and swam with the water sprites in the local river. He says in his journal this was the happiest time of his life.  Click on http://www.dynionmwyn.net/Origin/Origin.html

In 1965, an American, Rhuddlwm Gawr, met Sarah Wentworth while on holiday in Majorca. She invited him to visit her in London and meet members of the "Elder Faith"; those who practiced the Welsh tradition of Witchcraft, as she called it. Intrigued, he decided to take her up on her offer and met her in August of 1965.

After a day of discussion, they drove to Wales where he was introduced to Taliesin and other family members.  Rhuddlwm stayed in Wales and studied The Old Ways with the Wynne family until he returned to the U.S. in 1966. Rhuddlwm later established the Coven and Church of Y Dynion Mwyn in Landover Maryland. Click, on  http://www.dynionmwyn.net/history.html   Taliesin taught the Old Ways until 1992 when he turned over the leadership of Dynion Mwyn to his sister who became chief elder until she died in 1999.

In that year, Lord Rhuddlwm Gawr and Lady Cerridwen Gawr, of the United States, inherited the leadership of Dynion Mwyn.  Click on http://www.dynionmwyn.net/Origin/Origin3.html

Lord Rhuddlwm is Welsh by blood.  Taliesin was responsible for opening up the Welsh tradition to outsiders. His dying wish was that the basic philosophy of the Welsh tradition be available to all through the Internet, and that seekers be given a "Taste of Wales" through home study classes. Y Dynion Mwyn sponsors the Dynion Mwyn Welsh page on the net at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/dynionmwyn/dynionmwyn23.html  

rhuddlwm gawr, wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan   DYNION MWYN - THE PATH OF THE OLD ONES

If you are primarily interested in the Welsh craft as found on the Web at this web site then read on and you may become part of us.

Why do you wish to follow the path of the Wise Ones?

If you wish to determine if our tradition of Witchcraft is what you are looking for, read on! If you are interested in Witchcraft because you've just seen the film "The Craft", and want to have control over the person who's just ditched you; or you have seen "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and want to be able to change your dress in an instant; or you've seen "Charmed" and want to win the lottery; or you just watched "Practical Magick" and wanted Sandra Bullock's powers; or you saw "Blair Witch" and are now excited that "Blair Witch II, a Book of Shadows" has been released; or you were watching reruns of "Bewitched" and got excited about the prospects of twitching your Nose; you've come to the right place; there is Power in Witchcraft, but it must be used responsibly!

Welsh Witchcraft is about Spiritual Enlightenment, Religion, Healing, Magick, Knowledge, and yes - Power, but it is also about your Spiritual Growth. If you are not interested in your own Spiritual Growth, and not interested in doing all the hard work involved in becoming a Witch, go elsewhere and only read this document when you are.

Once you start on this path, it will become an important part of your life. Being a Witch is a vocation, just as being a Doctor, Nurse, Architect, Engineer, or for that matter, the Priest of any other religion is, because that is what you are going to be: a Priest or a Priestess, who will be legally authorized to perform marriages, or minister to a congregation. In Christianity, a minister or Priest must work very hard to become the leader of a congregation. A Witch Priest or Priestess must work just as hard and just as long or even longer. We teach seekers to become Pagan clergy.

Once you are a Witch, it will be with you for the rest of your life. You will always "know" things and understand things others won't. You will feel things more. You will be able heal others. You will be able to perform magickal rituals. You will truly walk in the other persons shoes.

Some people make statements like: "Witches are born not made", and others claim that "Witches are made, not born". Neither is totally true. Yes, psychic ability does come easier to some people, but the majority of Witches learn the Knowledge of the Craft through hard work. If you can't work hard, you can't be a Witch. If you become a student, you will acquire knowledge through hard work, study, and the practice of the Art through an ongoing craft structure preserved, modified, and continued in various forms and folkways from the days of our Pictish and Druidic ancestors, and before. What, you say? Haven't true Witchcraft Rituals and Spells continued unchanged since the time of the Romans and ancient Druids?

Think about it!!! There are two phrases you will hear as time goes on. "If it ain't broke don't fix it!!!" And "If it doesn't work, find out why and make it work or change it." You will learn that rituals and spells are personal. Some work for you and some work for others, but not every spell is for everyone. You must learn the basic rites and rituals that work for everyone and then create those special rituals and spells that work only for you. How do you do that? Through work and more work and study!!! You never stop learning that there is always more to learn, particularly about yourself.

Discipline and responsibility are cornerstones of our expectations. We require them no less from our students than we do from ourselves. That is why we screen all who come to us looking for initiation into the Welsh Gwyddon. We will do a psychometric reading of your photo and your handwriting. If you are not honest with us, you will never hear from us again.

Always keep in mind every true Witchcraft tradition strives to promote certain behavior from you. In Wicca, which is a distant cousin of Witchcraft, they have a saying that perfect love and perfect trust are promoted among its members. WE, on the other hand, will also expect you to be totally HONORABLE and RELIABLE.

If you can convince us you are sincere, and ready to work, we will give you the opportunity to begin introductory training. This instruction will introduce you to the basic philosophy, magickal rites, rituals and practices of our religion. It will also give you a great deal of BASIC occult and metaphysical knowledge.

For our part, we will devote as much time and effort as it takes to help you become a Witch, High Priestess and a Representative of Y Dynion Mwyn if we see there is potential within you; but we will also expect certain things from you: we will expect you to complete your lessons in a reasonable length of time. If we ask you to return an exam in a month, we don't mean two.

Why do we teach by home study? Because either you are not close to one of our covens, there is a long waiting list, or you wish to begin your studies as soon as possible. Besides, certain information is more easily taught by home study and we have just so many teachers. We will not have to devote much needed resources to attempt to train those basic seekers who find it difficult to retain new knowledge.

After we have evaluated your capability and sincerity over the course of time, by reading your answers to our questions and evaluating your exam results, THEN we will talk about personal instruction.  When it comes time to be taught in person by an individual teacher, we will expect you to give him or her your complete attention as well as the courtesy and respect due an elder of the Craft. Therefore we will expect LOYALTY and HONOR to our Tradition to be your first mottoes. These two words are part of the Twenty-Three Tenets (or Virtues) which you will taught in your first year. (see http://www.dynionmwyn.net/tenets.html )

Our tradition has initiated thousands of Witches, trained hundreds of Elders, High Priests and High Priestesses, and started many Covens. But even though Witchcraft is a popular religion, this knowledge is not for everyone's eyes. Some people cannot handle the truth, or the power of Magick. You don't share a loaded machine gun with a five-year-old child. That is why you will take an oath of secrecy before you are initiated. With that said, there are many impostors claiming to be Witches. And several claiming to teach a Welsh tradition with an unbroken lineage.

Be very careful of anyone who boasts that they teach witchcraft unchanged for two thousand years, and they have wondrous abilities and they are a third or fourth degree mucky muck. They are almost certainly just I.R.A.B.s (I read a book).

Welsh Witches don't boast of their abilities. They don't have to. Do not take the word of anyone just because they may sound reasonable or knowledgeable. Investigate any Magickal group you are involved with. Ask about their qualifications. Ask who their teacher was. Ask for a way to contact that teacher and confirm their claims. Caveat Emptor - "Let the Buyer Beware!!!

rhuddlwm gawr, wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan   TRAINING TO BE A GWYDDON (WELSH WITCH)

Our Elders have developed a study program available to selected candidates for initiation. During your participation in these studies, you will be given tools to understand Nature and all its myriad aspects. As you learn these mysteries of Nature you will begin to understand the ways of Natural Magick. We regard Magick as an integral part of our workings because Magick and psychic development are the tools we use to understand the Universe and all living things, and to change the conditions of our life. We believe that Magick is the essence of creativity, that it is the energy of the God/dess and the nature spirits.

We will show you how to live in harmony with Nature and its forces. In our teachings, we emphasis the creative aspects of the God and Goddess, the Great Spirit, and stress the respect you must have for these forces. You will learn various techniques of obtaining Psychic Inner awareness through such techniques as meditation and rituals. This process will help you attain a higher form of consciousness, eventually leading to Spiritual Enlightenment.

This training will enable you to discover a personal relationship with the Lord and Lady of Nature, unlike anything you have ever experienced. This worship of the God and Goddess, and the acknowledgment of their seasonal influences, is the heart and soul of our philosophy.

How will you learn? The methods used in your training will be manifold: you will receive written lessons as well as oral teachings. You will experience hands-on training and trial by ordeal. All of these styles will serve to strengthen and educate you in different ways. You will find that as you ultimately reach higher levels of involvement, seekers will come to you for help and instruction, and you must be strong in the ways of the craft in order to assist them.

If you live in Georgia, USA you will attend classes where you will receive one-on-one instruction.  If you live outside of Georgia, you will be able to take a correspondence course of over 600 pages.  Your instruction will also take the form of a  Intermediate Course until such time as your elder feels you are ready for initiation. Most correspondence, until you are initiated, will be by e-mail.

Another facet of your training will be teachers placing you in situations to gauge your reactions.  These are tests of character and of courage. You should see them as being as much a benefit for you as for us. The greatest power involves knowing yourself and your limitations, and then striving to exceed them.

These tests have proven difficult for many students in the past, but they will not harm you. Have you changed your mind? Have we discouraged you yet? Still with us? If you are and you still feel you would like to continue, then you should take the next step on your search.

If you complete this training and become part of our Outer Circle, you will find an empathetic and supportive community, and you may then become a WITCH! A Witch has not only mastered the above studies but is also working to become a High Priest or High Priestess in the service and worship of The Great Spirit, which takes the form of the Mother Goddess and the Father God in all their many forms and names. You will eventually teach the knowledge of the Mighty Ones, and live by the philosophy of the Laws of the Craft.

Training in Y Dynion Mwyn consists of Levels or stages of instruction.  Each Level has its own initiation which is performed with others in a Circle or Grove.  The first three levels are:

  • THE WITCH (Gwyddon)
    Initiation into the first Level is followed with work on the healing and divinatory skills of Y Dynion Mwyn, a study of sacred sites and trees, animals and plants. This level takes you on a journey through the cycle of the year.

  • THE PRIESTHOOD (Offeriades)
    This Level introduces you to the advanced concepts of Witchcraft and shows you a living Way that can be taught in the modern world, bringing a greater sense of connection with all of nature, and with the ancient heritage of the Celtic wisdom/tradition. The initiate learns to teach and lead.

    In this Level, the teachings continue with the study of the Celtic Grail myths and are particularly concerned with helping each member find their true direction and purpose in life. The initiate is becoming an Elder.

    In these levels you are reaching Spiritual Enlightenment and becoming a leader of a Dynion Mwyn World groups.

Are you someone we would want as a student? Burn a white candle just before you go to bed three nights. Ask yourself if you qualify three times. If your spiritual guide answers yes and you can convince us of your sincerity, you may then join our Outer Circle of students, and we will give you the opportunity to begin introductory training.

This instruction will introduce you to basic philosophy, magickal rites, healing rituals and religious practices of our Coven. When you complete the course of study, you may be invited to join a working coven near your area, if there are none; or if there is a waiting list, we will encourage you to join an on-line study group or form a study coven under our direction. If you continue with the study coven until you are initiated, you may then become a High Priest or High Priestess of the tradition of Dynion Mwyn.

When you become part of the Outer Circle, you will be apprenticed to an elder for any help you may need. Your study in this Outer Circle has no time limit, but it is up to you to complete the requirements for initiation at the suggested pace. You will not advance to the Inner Circle by cutting corners. Indeed you must realize the completion of the requirements will not mean an automatic and instant initiation into the Inner Circle. That will only come when your personal teacher has given us his or her approval.

rhuddlwm gawr, wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan   ETHICS

We teach and practice the highest form of ethics. We have to. We are visible to both the pagan and mundane world. We expect our students and members to reflect the same concern for ethics we do.  Click on http://www.dynionmwyn.net/tenets.html

Now the downside. A word of advice before we go any further - all Witchcraft and Wicca traditions have their enemies just as other spiritual groups may. Fundamental Christians represent one kind of enemy, but there are others. There are always those who would feign study the Craft, and cannot pass the written or oral requirements, or maintain the discipline and standards of learning that the Welsh Tradition demands. They sometimes try to destroy what they cannot have by slander and defamation.

Also beware of so called pagan groups which trash other groups they are not Witches or Wiccans. They have no honor, and they are not Pagans. They are Jealous of a groups success, therefore they try to keep others from contacting them.

In Wales and England there are also some which call themselves Gwyddon and may teach a modified form of Satan Worship. Be careful of them. We had trouble with one such group last year we suspect of trying to harm some of our members.

rhuddlwm gawr, wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan   WHAT DO I DO NOW? 

All right. You've read this Introduction, and you want to continue.   If you are still interested in learning more about our way read"The Quest" by Rhuddlwm Gawr.  The Quest can be purchased from iuniverse.com bookstore http://www.iuniverse.com/bookstore/book_detail.asp?isbn=0595201245   It can also be purchased through the Barnes and Noble on-line bookstore at http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?isbn=0595201245   or at Amazon Book store at: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN/0595201245/welshwiccaehomepA/  

NEXT go to the following web pages and read them carefully and completely:

The Origins of Welsh Gwyddon at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/Origin/Origin.html

The Wales Dynion Mwyn homepage at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/dynionmwyn/dynionmwyn23.html

The Welsh Witchcraft page at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/welsh1.html

Welsh Witchcraft beliefs at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/beliefs.html

The History of Y Dynion Mwyn in America at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/history.html

The Tenets of Behavior at: http://www.dynionmwyn.net/tenets.html

The Introduction to a Book of Shadows at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/bos.html

A Craft Dictionary at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/glossary.html

Descriptions of Religious Sabbats at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/wheel.html

Symbols of the Craft at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/symbol1.html

Frequently asked questions at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/wfwfaq.html

Although not a requirement, If you wish to learn the Welsh language or Welsh Pronunciation purchase or borrow:

Y Lolfa Publications - www.ylolfa.com

  • The Lazy Way to Welsh
    by Flann O'Riain - ISBN: 0 86243 240 5
    The really lazy way to begin learning Welsh; no lessons, only bubbles and cartoons and some explanatory lines. Take this book with you on the bus, train or to the cafe and smile while learning basic Welsh words, phrases and sentences. A lot of fun to use.

  • Gomer Publications - www.gomer.co.uk

  • Gramadeg Cymraeg Cyfoes / Contemporary Welsh Grammar
    (Gwasg Gomer) ISBN: 1 85902 672 9
    Reviews modern grammar and conventions for spoken Welsh. Good, solid, no-nonsense basics. A must for any learner.

  • Linkword Welsh
    by Michael Gruneberg - 1 85902 268 5
    Uses an imagery method of improving memory so learners can master hundreds of words and a basic grammar.

  • Y Geiriadur Mawr
    by H. Meurig Evans and W.O. Thomas - ISBN: 0 85088 462 4
    "The Big Dictionary". This is a good, comprehensive dictionary.

  • Book & CD/tape Sets

  • Colloquial Welsh: A Complete Language Course
    by Gareth King
    Book: ISBN 0-415-10783-0
    2 Cassettes: ISBN 0-415-10784-9
    Book and 2 Cassettes: ISBN 0-415-10785-7, £22.64.

  • Teach Yourself Welsh
    by Julie Brake and Christine Jones (2000)
    Book: ISBN 0-340-77969-1
    2 Cassettes: ISBN 0-340-77971-3
    Book and 2 Cassettes: ISBN 0-340-77970-5

  • We suggest that you join the Welsh League of Arizona (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WelshLanguageofAz/ ) Yahoo group which has News and Information about Welsh in America.

    Next, complete the questionnaire at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/dynionmwyn/lesson1/thirteen4.html , attach a letter telling us why you wish to become a Witch, and describe yourself in detail. RETURN A CLEAR PHOTOGRAPH for psychometry, with the above items, (if you use snail mail, enclose a large self addressed envelope) and a $17.95 donation to cover postage and printing to: Camelot, P.O. Box 673206, Marietta, GA 30006-0036 USA. (be sure and include your e-mail address with all correspondence) We will evaluate your answers to the above questions, read your story, and evaluate your questionnaire. If you are deemed acceptable, we will send you more information and instructions on how you may join our training program. If you are not acceptable, your donation will be returned.

    Next if you feel you are Dynion Mwyn membership material, complete the registration form at http://www.dynionmwyn.net/dynionmwyn/lesson1/thirteen5.html and donate the suggested amount for your course.  If you are a resident of North Georgia, go to http://www.dynionmwyn.net/GeorgiaClassReg.html to donate.

    Why do we ask for donations? Because 75% of those that send in a questionaire or register for classes, never finish the course, but they require us spending time with the student.  Everyone except the webmaster are volunteers.  This site costs money to host.  This site costs money to revise and update. 

    We do not ask for donations for Intermediate or Advanced classes, just the Intro Courses.  AND WHEN YOU ACCESS THIS WEBSITE, WE HAVE OVER 2000 PAGES OF INFORMATION WHICH ENABLES YOU TO LEARN THE BASICS OF A WITCHCRAFT TRADITION.  WHAT A DEAL!!!

    If for some reason you are not acceptable, you will be notified and any monies donated will be refunded. You can expect an answer within thirty days of receiving your application. If you do not hear from us after thirty days, contact us and ask about your application. In parting, we have a blessing for you: "May the powers, of the Earth Mother, guard and sustain you on your Quest for Enlightenment!" Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd...."Truth against the World!" "May the gods lead you to the right path!" When we part, we always say: Blessed Be!

    rhuddlwm gawr, wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan TO JOIN DYNION MWYN

    If you are really impatient in becoming a Welsh/Celtic Minister and Witch, there are several things you will first have to accomplish: 

    First Join the Dynion Mwyn General Group at DMGeneral-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

    Next, you must complete the 13 Lesson Home Study Course. ( Click on the Questionaire Below and then  http://www.dynionmwyn.net/dynionmwyn/lesson1/thirteen1a.html )  Everyone, including members training with a coven, complete it before they are initiated. 

    Third, you must complete the assignments given you by your personal mentor after you complete the Course. 

    Fourth, your teacher must approve your initiation into the tradition, and;

    Fifth, you must participate in a Initiation Ritual.  

    So if you want to get started:  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE QUESTIONNAIRE


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    For information on all individuals and organizations listed in this website, or the name of a contact person in your area that can give you further information on HTSG contact us HERE. Let us hear from you!

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