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The approach to the twenty-first century has seen an upheaval in human consciousness Money and power are no longer enough to satisfy our deepest needs. Our growing thirst for wholeness has led us to reclaim the spirituality of the past, the Elder Faiths of our Pagan ancestors.  While rooted in ancient tradition, Paganism is a living religious movement. It is a way of life which teaches reverence for all creation. Paganism reflects a concern for our planet which is unparalleled among other modern belief systems.

In Phoenix From the Flame Vivianne Crowley introduces Paganism its history and its many modern forms. A wealth of practical and insightful advice sheds new light on what it means to be a Pagan in today's changing world.  Author of the bestselling Wicca: The Old Religion in the New Age, Vivianne Crowley is a priestess, a teacher of the Pagan way and a leading figure in the revival of Western Paganism. She has a doctorate in psychology and has trained in transpersonal therapy. buythebook_cart.gif (2556 bytes)



Interest in Paganism is steadily increasing and, while rooted in ancient tradition, it is a living religious movement. With its reverence for all creation, it reflects our current concern for the planet. This introductory guide explains:   What Paganism is, the different Pagan paths, what Pagans do, and how to live as a Pagan.

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Wicca is the religion of Witchcraft or Wisecraft.  It is based on the spirituality of our ancestors - a worship of Goddess, God and the natural universe - in a form meaningful to women and men today. Wicca is a magical path which empowers us to grow, change and heal. It is a spiritual tradition which helps us to live in harmony with the universe, others and ourselves.  This introductory guide explains:  the Divine as Goddess and God;   Veneration of Nature; Magic and spellcraft; Creating ritual; and where to find out more.buythebook_cart.gif (2556 bytes)



Witchcraft is said to be the oldest religion in the world. Growing numbers of people are becoming attracted to 'the old way', with the connection it offers to the natural world and the magical force of the universe. This book explains 'the way of the witch' and shows the relevance of modem Wicca in, today's world.  Including: witchcraft as a non-dogmatic religion the misunderstood aspects of black and white magic the God and Goddess within us ..why witches have initiations the future of witchcraft
Vivianne Crowley is a priestess, a teacher of the pagan way and a leading figure in western paganism. She has a doctorate in psychology and has trained in transpersonal therapy.  'This erudite book is an excellent introduction to the modern practices and beliefs of the revived Craft and can, be thoroughly recommended.'  Prediction   'At, last, a really thorough and authoritative exposition of present day coven witchcraft.' Quest buythebook_cart.gif (2556 bytes)


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