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Of a time that cannot be measured, Diana came to Titania. The lovely Lady of the Silver Wheel descended to earth from the country of the moon. In pursuit of Lugh, her brother, she had lost her way and came to rest beside the Lake of Sparkling Waters.

Diana brought with her a dog, cat and hare. These animals multiplied upon the earth. Diana also brought corn, wheat and honey. When the people of the earth had tasted of the honey, they begged Diana to summon the bees, which she did, and the people cared for them. They harvested the corn and wheat, and from it they made bread and cakes. They put honey upon the bread and knew that it was good. The people longed for wine, so Diana waved her Wand of Vril over the sparkling waters, and the wine appeared. The people rejoiced, danced and loved - all in the name of Diana.

Diana taught the people the lore of the wise and they brought forth Magick. The land was happy. One day Diana went hunting in the forest with her dog. She paused to rest beside a pine tree. It was here that the horned god Pan saw her beauty and fell in love with her. Diana changed herself into a hare, but Pan caught her in his teeth and carried her to the foot of an old oak tree. There the goddess and god made love. Diana loved Pan and forgot the country of the moon, until she caught sight of Lugh blazing across the heavens. She became restless to follow him. She told the people she must leave but, if they wished to summon her for any desire, they were to dance and make merry at the full of the moon. Pan and the people of the earth were very sad to see their Lady leave, but Diana promised to return each spring and spend six months among the people.

The people of Diana became known as "witches". They kept to the forests and fields and turned to Pan when Diana was not with them. True to her promise, however, Diana returned each spring at which time the people set great blazing fires to welcome her. They became known as "children of the light," wise in the ways of the Lady.



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