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Lesson 1 Exam

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  1. What is the God and Goddess?
  2. What is Reincarnation?
  3. What are Pagans?
  4. What is Karma?
  5. What is Astrology?
  6. What are the four elements? What tools are associated with them? What directions are associated with them?
  7. List 6 Welsh Gods and 6 Welsh Goddesses?
  8. List the eight festivals and the dates associated with them.
  9. What is Magick? What is Red Dragon power?
  10. What is initiation as you understand it?
  11. How many levels of initiation are there in Y Dynion Mwyn?
  12. How old is our tradition? Where did it come from? Who wrote the Thirteen Treasures?
  13. What is meditation? What is its purpose?
  14. What is a circle? Where do you start in casting a circle? Quote the blessing to salt as you cast the circle.
  15. What is an altar? What are the various symbols that you would have on your altar?
  16. What are the 4 major tools? Which directions do they represent?
  17. What is "The Witches Pyramid"? Name its 4 sides and point.
  18. Explain the sexual aspect of Witchcraft as you understand it. What is the purpose of sex in Witchcraft?
  19. What is the Witch Rede? Write down the long or short version.
  20. Explain the reasons to support your admission into Y Dynion Mwyn.
  21. What is a spell?
  22. What are the basic beliefs of Y Dynion Mwyn as you understand them?
  23. Where are you going from here?


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