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From New York to California, from Chicago to Miami, there is an exciting religious movement afoot: the study of the Old Religion of Paganism with Celtic Shamanism and Witchcraft. From the information located elsewhere on this Web site, you have learned that Paganism is the foundation of ancient religions. Witchcraft is a part of todays Pagan community. In fact, we believe that Dynion Mwyn through its branch...Y Dynion Mwyn, is one of the oldest members of the pagan community in the U.S.

The word "Pagan" is Latin meaning "one who is from the countryside." It does not mean a disbeliever in God (or whatever name you use for the Great Spirit). Moreover, Paganism negates belief in and/or worship of the [Christian's] devil. After Christ's alleged death, the Christian hierarchy tried to impose their religion on everyone; to force worship of their God, calling all other Gods evil. In actuality, they knew that "if there is only one god, then any name used to call upon that deity is as good as any other." The Christian Bible carries on Pagan teachings that, "You cannot know the name of God." We of Y Dynion Mwyn believe in the God, Goddess and Great Spirit. We do not believe in Satan.

An Elder of The Church of Y Dynion Mwyn said: "Paganism is a nature religion. It teaches that to live on Mother Earth, you must respect her and not daily pollute nature. Mankind can easily live in harmony with nature without needlessly cutting down all the trees, killing animals for sport, ravaging the landscape, or dumping our waste all over it. Today, because of mankind's mismanagement of the Earth's resources, our oceans and atmosphere are polluted to dangerous levels. The Great Spirit has given us dominion over the world but we were to keep it in trust and neither dump our garbage on it, nor destroy the sacred elements. Witches and other pagans are working to lend a healing hand to the Earth. Mankind must confirm the serious damage being done in the name of technological advancement, must dramatically change its collective behavior, and become partners with nature to provide security, long life and happiness for future generations."



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